Zorrasteel Sword

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Zorrasteel Sword

ModProdigy Tech
Technical details
First appearance0.3.0

The Zorrasteel Sword is a weapon added by Prodigy Tech. It has the same stats as the Diamond Sword, but is unbreakable. It cannot receive enchantments through an Enchanting Table or an Anvil, instead they must be applied at a Zorra Altar.

Available enchantments

When put in a Zorra Altar the following enchantments can be applied:

Enchantment Maximum level Required mod
Sharpness VIII
Smite VIII
Bane of Arthropods VIII
Fire Aspect V
Knockback V
Looting VI
Sweeping Edge VI
XP Boost VI EnderCore
Decay I Ender IO
Soulbound[1] I Ender IO
Insight VI CoFH Core
Leech VII CoFH Core
Vorpal VI CoFH Core
Soulbound[1] VI CoFH Core
Beheading I Cyclic
Life Leech V Cyclic
Venom V Cyclic
Reaper VIII Draconic Evolution
Light Pierce VIII AbyssalCraft
Soul Stealer VIII Soul Shards Respawn
Life Stealing VI EvilCraft
Headhunter III Woot
Hell Infusion XIII Apotheosis
Mounted Strike IX Apotheosis
Scavenger VI Apotheosis
Capturing VI Apotheosis
  1. 1.0 1.1 If both enchantments are present, only the Ender IO one will be available.