Zorra Altar

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Zorra Altar

ModProdigy Tech
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textApplies or upgrades enchantments on Zorrasteel equipment
Blast resistance540
Technical details
First appearance0.3.0

The Zorra Altar is a block added by Prodigy Tech. It is used to apply or upgrade enchantments on equipment made of Zorrasteel, such as the Zorrasteel Sword, at the cost of Experience and Zorra Leaves. It is able to apply enchantments that would normally be incompatible with eachother, as well as applying them beyond their normal maximum level.


The Zorra Altar's GUI with an already enchanted Zorrasteel Sword

When used, it opens a GUI very similar to the Enchanting Table, with a slot for the equipment, a slot to put the Zorra Leaves and 3 enchantments or upgrades to choose from. Hovering over one of the 3 buttons shows the amount of levels and Zorra Leaves it costs to apply, as well as what enchantment it will apply or upgrade. The level cost of an option is also visible in its bottom right corner.

If the shown enchantment is at level I (or has no level), it will be applied to the tool, which costs 1 Zorra Leaf (on top of the levels). If it is higher, then it will upgrade the existing version of the enchantment with the higher level one. This will cost Zorra Leaves equal to the new level of the enchantment (e.g. upgrading an enchantment to level III will cost 3 Zorra Leaves). The icon on the left of the button will also show if it's a new enchantment or an upgrade to an existing one.

The upper button will always be a new echantment, if possible, and the center button will always be an upgrade to an existing enchantment, if possible. The lower button can be either and will cost half as much as it would in another spot and always costs 3 Zorra Leaves regardless of the applied level, but the enchantment that will be upgraded/applied cannot be seen until it is applied.