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Zone Planer
Zone Planner.png


The Zone Planner was a machine added by BuildCraft. It is used to define complex working areas for Robots and save them on Empty Maps. It has been deprecated for Minecraft 1.12.2.



Fig. 1: GUI of the Zone Planner.

Right-clicking on the Zone Planner opens the GUI (see Fig. 1). The upper part shows the map of the world. Black regions are not explored. The map's magnification level can be changed with the mouse's scroll wheel and moved with the right mouse button. Pressing the "FS" button will enlarge the map a fullscreen counterpart.

The brushes in the bottom left corner allow the player to draw areas in different colors on the map. The "+" and "-" buttons allow the player to toggle between "adding new areas" or "removing areas" respectively.

The drawing area can be named by using the black bar in the middle. Empty Maps are placed in the upper-right slot to save the map area into a Map Location with the coordinates of the drawn area, which can be used in Emerald Gates to program Robots.

To edit a Map Location, place it in the middle left slot. The area saved on the Map Location is displayed on the map.