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Zombie Awareness
Current developersCorosus
Supported Minecraft versions1.10.2
Depends onCoroUtil

Zombie Awareness is a mod by Corosus based around making hostile monsters smarter. It allows them to smell players' blood that is spilled, hear the players' activities, and find their light sources. All of these allow them to find players easier. This mod requires the CoroUtil, which comes in the Zombie Awareness download from Coros' website, to launch.

When a player has any health taken away, they may start to bleed. When they bleed, there will be red spots placed on the blocks around them, which hostile monsters can smell. The blood spills will slowly decay until they are completely gone. When the player is below 60% of their health, or has less than 6 hearts, they will bleed every 30 seconds, which will leave a fresh scent for monsters to smell.

Anything that a player does, such as mining, placing blocks, walking, and other various activities that create sounds can alert hostile monsters within about 16 blocks. They can then find the player making the noise. Frequent noises are able to be heard farther away than non-frequent noises.

Hostile monsters will be able to spot light sources from a greater distance, and will generally try to get closer to them. They will also put out placed torches if they can.

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