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Zinc is a material and an element added by various mods.


As added by Vanilla
Main article: Zinc on the Minecraft Wiki


As added by Create

Zinc Ore can be found in the overworld between y levels 15 and 70, and from 10 to 85 in deserts. It's max vein per chunk is 4 and has a cluster size of 14, while in the desert it generates a max of 5 veins per chunk and has a cluster size of 17, making it more common.

Zinc can be combined with Andesite to get Andesite Alloy. It also can be mixed (while heated) with Copper to create Brass.

Esteemed Innovation

As added by Esteemed Innovation
Main article: Ore configuration format

Zinc can be used to create a Storage Block, Thin Plate, and Nugget.

Zinc Ore generation is completely configurable using JSON. It allows for configuration of minimum and maximum Y values, maximum veins per chunk, which blocks to replace in the world, the dimension, and biome to generate in according to the values.

By default:

  • Desert and Desert Hills between Y levels 65 and 80, with a maximum of 5 veins per chunk. It can replace stones, dirts, grasses, sands, sandstones, gravels, and grasses.
  • Hell between Y levels 0 and 128, with a maximum of 10 veins per chunk. It can replace netherracks.
  • Sky between Y levels 0 and 128, with a maximum of 10 veins per chunk. It can replace endstones.

Flaxbeard's Steam Power

As added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power

Zinc Ore can be found in the overworld between y-levels 0 and 70. There are approximately 10 ore veins per chunk. As of version 0.27.0, if enabled in the configuration file, it can be found in the Nether, the End, and as of version 0.28.0 a configurable set of dimensions as well. It has the same spawn rates in these dimensions, except in the End and Nether it is found below Y level 128.

It can be used to create a Storage Block, Plate, and Nugget. Storage Blocks and Nuggets are created the same way as any other. Plates must be created by putting Zinc Ingots into a heated Crucible, at which point the molten metal should be poured into a Mold with a Plate Mold. Six nuggets are used in the creation of a Zinc Plate, which makes it unable to be used in other mod's recipes requiring their own Zinc Plates.

GregTech 5

As added by GregTech 5

Small Zinc Ore can be found at a height of 30 to 60 in the Nether Overworld and The End with a relative frequency of 12. Zinc can be obtained by breaking down the alloys Brass, Sphalerite, and Bismuth Bronze, as well as a byproduct in the ore processing of Sphalerite, Tin, Antimony, Brass, and Tetrahedrite.

GregTech 6

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