Yellow Garnet

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Yellow Garnet
ModsGregTech 5
Tiny Dust

Yellow Garnet is a gem added by GregTech 5. It is occasionally dropped when mining Sphalerite Ore, 1/8th of the time, the same as Flint from Gravel. The gem itself doesn't have any uses, but the Dust can be centrifuged into Grossular Dust, Andralite Dust, and Uvarovite Dust. These dusts can then be electrolyzed into usable product. However, due to the large amounts of Red Garnets required for a reasonable amount of end products and the low value of then, Iron, Calcium, Silicon, Aluminium and air, Yellow Garnets are not rewarding as recourse. It does contain small traces of the valuable Chrome, but it requires over 53 Yellow Garnets per Chrome Dust.


EU: 12800
Time: 5 secs
MaxEnergy: 128 EU/t

EU: 15200
Time: 150 secs