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Yellorium Fuel Rod

ModBig Reactors
TypeSolid block

The Yellorium Fuel Rod is a block added by Big Reactors. It is one of the six basic parts needed to make a Big Reactor alongside the Reactor Casing, the Reactor Controller, the Reactor Control Rod, the Reactor Power Tap and the Reactor Access Port.

The quantity and placement of the Fuel Rods are two major factors in the efficiency and productivity of a Big Reactor alongside the coolant used in a Big Reactor.


The Fuel Rod is used to create the internal structure of a Big Reactor. The Fuel Rod must be placed in columns spanning the height of the internal space of a Big Reactor and capped with a Reactor Control Rod for each column. This columns excludes the floor which has to be a Reactor Casing and the roof which must be the aforementioned Reactor Control Rod.

It is important to note is that every column generates "radiation" that is transferred in any cardinal direction from a column and will amplify the core heat and reactivity of any Fuel Rod it touches. Reactor Coolants have a chance of blocking the radiation from one Fuel Rod column to another column so long as the coolant occupies at least one block of space in between the columns.

Lastly the Yellorium Fuel Rods can occupy any amount of space in a Big Reactor with no hard limits, so long as it takes full columns. Soft limits however will be present as too many Rods placed in inefficient positions will hinder the efficiency of the reactor.


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