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Xeno's Reliquary
Xeno's Reliquary.png
Current developersTheMike, X3n0ph0b3, P3pp3rF1y

Xeno's Reliquary is a mod based on magic created by TheMike, X3n0ph0b3, and P3pp3rF1y. It adds mostly useful items that can be considered as "endgame items". It also has its "transmutation system" with the Tome of Alkahest, which can be used to duplicate rarer items like Lapis Lazuli or Diamonds.

It adds magical items into the game such as invisibility cloaks and handguns. Many supernatural mechanics have been created with this mod, such as teleportation and invisibility. It has been described as a mod that has "magical swag". The mod is focused on adding humble and utilizing items to the game as well as making itself and other mods more enjoyable.