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Writing Desk

TypeSolid block

The Writing Desk is a block added by Mystcraft used to copy and manage symbol pages in Notebooks. It can also be used to rename books.

The Writing Desk occupies two blocks in a horizontal line. When placed the shorter side will face the player, similar to a Bed.



The Writing Desk's GUI

By placing a Notebook or Descriptive Book in any slot on the left all pages inside it will be shown. From there the contents of Notebooks can be modified by clicking and moving pages like items in the inventory. Right-clicking on a page copies it, as long as there is at least one piece of Paper and one Ink Vial provided.

  • Yellow: Notebooks or Descriptive Books
  • Red: Contents of selected book
  • Blue: Paper (Input)
  • Purple: Notebook or Descriptive Books to rename
  • Orange: New name for the Notebook or Descriptive Book in purple slot
  • Green: Ink Vials (Input)
  • Light blue: Glass Bottles (Output)