Wrench (GregTech 6)

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This page is about the GregTech 6 Wrench. For other uses, see Wrench.

ModGregTech 6
Tooltip textHold Leftclick to dismantle Machines

Rotates Blocks on Rightclick
Mining speedVarious

The Wrench is a tool added by GregTech 6. It is used to craft items and to rotate machines and pipes as well as dismantling them.

Note that:

  • IC2 wrenches will not work with GregTech machines.
  • GregTech wrenches will work with IC2 machines.

Crafting Recipes

The Wrench is made from six of the same ingots of any tool material, or a wrench tip and electric components. The material defines the tool's durability and mining speed. For a list of tool materials, see Material Properties. The non-electric wrenches can only be made from materials that exist in ingot form; this excludes gems such as Diamond, Sapphire, and Thaumcraft's elemental shards.