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This page is about the GregTech 5 Wrench. For other uses, see Wrench.

ModGregTech 5
Tooltip textHold Leftclick to dismantle Machines

Rotates Blocks on Rightclick
Mining speedVarious
Next tier

The Wrench is a tool added by Gregtech. It is used to craft items and to rotate and dismantle machines and pipes.


The Wrench is made from six of the same ingots of any tool material.

The material defines the tool's durability and mining speed. For a list of tool materials, see Material Properties. The wrench can only be made from materials that exist in ingot form; this excludes gems such as Diamond, Sapphire, and Thaumcraft's elemental shards.

Use of Wrenches

Crafting Recipes

Wrenches are used in many GregTech crafting recipes. Here is an example:

Wrenches used in crafting recipes will take 800 durability damage per item crafted. The wrench will be destroyed if this causes its durability to drop to zero.

Picking up machines

The Wrench is the only tool which can pick up GregTech machines. To do so, hold left-click until the machine "breaks".

Note that:

  • GregTech machines not mined with a wrench will not be dropped. In some cases, the machines might explode.
  • IC2 wrenches will not work with GregTech machines.
  • GregTech wrenches will work with IC2 machines.
  • In GregTech 5 Unofficial, the Wrench also functions as an EnderIO wrench and may be used to dismantle EnderIO conduits and machines. This also consumes durability.

Rotating the output side

If CodeChickenLib is installed, pointing the crosshair at any GregTech machine while holding a wrench will show a grid similar to the one below.


The machine face is divided into nine sections. Each section represents a different side of the machine:


The front of the machine does not function as the output side, nor can it connect to item or fluid pipes or power cables. The wrench cannot rotate the front of the machine (except in GregTech 5 Unofficial, see below), so ensure it is oriented correctly when it is first placed.

Each section may be right-clicked to move the output to a given face of the machine:

  • Section 5 (the center) will move the output to the side that is clicked on.
  • Sections 1,3,7,9 (the corners) will move the output to the side opposite the one that is clicked.
  • Sections 2,4,6,8 (the sides) will move the output to the side corresponding to the direction indicated by the section.
    For example, when pointing at the front of the machine and right clicking on Section 2, the output side will move to the machine's top face.

Since the front of the machine does not function as the output side, it can be used to disable the output side entirely. Simply right-click a section that would set the output side to the machine's front. For example, point at the front of the machine and right-click Section 5. It may be useful to disable the output side because the output side normally cannot accept item or fluid inputs. (A Screwdriver may also be used to change this.)

Rotating the machine

In Gregtech 5 Unofficial, holding Shift while right-clicking will rotate the front of the machine to that direction, rather than its output side. Since a machine's front side cannot connect to power cables or item pipes, this allows for an easy way to re-orient a machine for better automation without needing to break it and place it again.

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