Wormhole Funnel

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Wormhole Funnel

ModProdigy Tech
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textTransmits hot air to another Wormhole Funnel
Link with a Wormhole Linker
Right click to see the linked Funnel
Blast resistance135
Technical details
First appearance0.3.0

The Wormhole Funnel is a block added by Prodigy Tech. It can be placed either on the top or bottom face of a block.

When linked with another Wormhole Funnel in the opposite position with the Wormhole Linker, it will transmit Hot Air from one to the other at no loss. The one facing down will take the Hot Air from the block below it, and the one facing up will send that Hot Air to the block above it.

A Wormhole Funnel can only be linked to another if it is less 8 or less blocks away in any axis (meaning it has to be in a 17x17x17 area centered on the first Funnel), and can only be linked to one Wormhole Funnel. Attempting to link a Funnel to one that's already linked will destroy the previous link.

Right clicking a linked Wormhole Funnel will show the player a line of particles between the two linked Funnels.