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World Tweaks

The World module of Quark adds various Tweaks.

The Tweaks

  • Underground Clay: Clay will spawn underground, just like Dirt, but a bit more rare.
  • Blazes in the Nether: Blazes will occasionally spawn in the Nether.
  • Guardians in Oceans: Guardians will occasionally spawn in Ocean biomes.
  • Big Mushrooms in Swamps: Big Mushrooms will spawn in Swamps. This is inspired by the Pocket and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft.
  • Big Trees in Plains: Big (Oak) Trees will spawn in Plains biomes.
  • Buried Treasure: Maps can be found in Temples and Strongholds. They have an X on them, which leads to "buried treasure" (a Chest with some loot).
  • Realistic World Type: adds the "Realistic" world type. It has larger mountains and the like[clarify].
  • Default World Options: all of the variables[clarify] related to world generation can be adjusted in Quark's config.
  • Stone Revamp: Diorite, Granite and Andesite all spawn in large but rare clusters. Marble and Limestone also spawn. Per default, each stone will spawn around 200 blocks per cluster, with a cluster in every 50 chunks, between Y levels 20-80. Introduced in r1.2-67.
  • Dungeon Variety: adds a series of Dungeons to replace Vanilla's regular Dungeons. Introduced in r1.2-67.


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