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Wooden Campfire

ModCamping Mod

The Wooden Campfire is a block added by Camping Mod. It is used to cook certain dyes and Marshmallows on a Stick.

Breaking the Wooden Campfire will drop 1–5 sticks. A lit Wooden Campfire has a small chance to break at any time. It is twice as likely to break at any given time if it is dyed.



The Wooden Campfire must be lit by repeatedly using a Stick on it. Once lit, Marshmallows on a Stick can be cooked by holding them and looking at the Campfire for 350 ticks. Dyes can be cooked by using them on the Campfire block. Dyes will change the color of the fire to the respective dye color and cause the Campfire to give nearby entities certain potion effects for 400 ticks at level 0.

Dye Color Potion Effect

Rose Red

Cactus Green

Cocoa Beans

Lapis Lazuli

Purple Dye

Cyan Dye

Light Gray Dye

Gray Dye

Pink Dye

Lime Dye

Dandelion Yellow

Light Blue Dye

Magenta Dye

Orange Dye

Ink Sac

Bone Meal

Using Bone Meal will clear the current potion effect status of the Campfire. This is not needed to go from one dye to another.