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ModFactory Tech
Blast resistance12

The Woodcutter is a machine added by Factory Tech. When placed in front of a tree, the Woodcutter will harvest all log blocks and place them in its internal inventory. Log blocks can be extracted from the inventory with an Auto Ejector. The Woodcutter must be oriented such that the face with the blade is facing the tree.

  • Only naturally-grown trees will be harvested.
  • The Woodcutter does not harvest instantly, but checks for new trees every 20-30 seconds.
  • Only trees grown directly in front of the Woodcutter's blade will trigger harvesting.
  • When the Woodcutter harvests, it harvests all connected, naturally-grown Log blogs in the area.
  • Cutting ceases when the internal buffer is full. For this reason, especially large modded trees (more than 64 log blocks) will not be completely harvested.
  • Leaf blocks are not harvested and will decay naturally.


Maintenance Requirements

The following parts are required for ongoing maintenance:

Part Variants Guaranteed uses Chance of breaking Cumulative break
chance increase
Salvage chance
Saw Blade

6 10% 5% 50%

3 5% 15% 75%