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Modicon Wizardry.png
Current developersDemoniaque
Chloe Dawn
Version1.12.2: 0.11.1
1.12.1: 0.8.1
1.12: 0.8.1
Supported Minecraft versions1.12-1.12.2
Depends onBaubles
Shadowfacts' Forgelin
Discord serverLink
This page is about the mod by Demoniaque and Escapee. For the mod by electroblob, see Electroblob's Wizardry.

Wizardry is a magic based mod created by Demoniaque, Escapee and textured by MechWarrior99 and Chloe Dawn, with heavy contributions from yrsegal. Wizardry currently has a fully functional spell system although the mod is in alpha and a huge chunk of the planned content is yet to come.

Getting started

To get started, the player needs to obtain the Spellforger's Codex which can be obtained by throwing a Book into a Mana pool which can be found in the Overworld.

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