Witchwater (Ex Nihilo Creatio)

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This page is about the Witchwater added by Ex Nihilo Creatio. For other uses, see Witchwater.

ModEx Nihilo Creatio

Witchwater is a fluid added by Ex Nihilo Creatio. It is used to transform mobs into more hostile versions of themselves.


Witchwater is made by placing Water inside of a Wooden Barrel or Stone Barrel near Mycelium. The allowed area for Mycelium is a 5-block radius from the barrel; Mycelium can either be just below or on the same level as the barrel. The Water transforms at a base rate of 10 minutes for one block of Mycelium. The maximum filled area of 49 Mycelium blocks (excluding the barrel itself) will transform Water in approximately 12 seconds.



Using a Creepy Doll on a barrel of Witchwater and waiting will spawn an Enderman.


Most entities will be transformed after touching Witchwater:

Before After
Skeleton Wither Skeleton
Creeper Charged Creeper
Slime Magma Cube
Spider Cave Spider
Squid[note 1] Ghast
Priest Villager Witch
Butcher Villager Vindicator
Librarian Villager Evoker
Villager (All other Villagers) Zombie Villager
Pig Zombie Pigman
  1. As Squids can spawn in Witchwater, they can transform immediately into Ghasts.

The player has potion effects applied when coming into contact with Witchwater. These effects include (hover for details):

Any animal from any mod (or vanilla Minecraft) that comes into contact with Witchwater is affected as if it were struck by lightning, such as Pigs transforming into Zombie Pigmen.

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