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Witches Oven

Witchery Information

Witchcraft: Collecting Fumes
The witches oven gives a practitioner of the art, the opportunity to collect fumes that may be produced when cooking.
Remember that the oven cannot smelt ore, but it does cook a little faster than a furnace.
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The Witches Oven is a machine from the Witchery mod. This machine is the only way to collect most of the fumes from the Witchery mod. The Witches Oven can also cook food and wood about 10% faster than the normal Furnace. A solid fuel must be placed in the bottom left slot, Clay Jars must be placed in the middle slot, and the component being smelted goes in the top left slot. The main output slot is the top-right slot, and the fumes collected will be put into the bottom-right slot. The Witches Oven can be upgraded with Fume Funnels, and Filtered Fume Funnels. Two Fume Funnels can upgrade a single Witches Oven, placed on the left and right sides of it. Both Funnels will increase the cooking time by 10%. The Fume Funnel will increase the chance of a fume-byproduct being produced by 25%, while the Filtered Fume Funnel will increase it by 30%.

Version 0.20.4 of Witchery included a tweak to the way Witches Ovens handle Clay Jars. In this version and above, clay jars are unable to be placed into the cooking slot; whether it's automatically or manually. This allows for easier hopper-based automation.

There is a bug regarding the Witches Oven's integration with NEI in which some recipes, namely those involving raw and cooked meats, are shown in reverse (that is, the input is shown as the output and vice versa). It is intended to eventually be resolved with WitcheryPatch,[1] but it has not yet been fixed.


Recipe as of 0.21.0:

Recipe prior to 0.21.0: