Witches Hat

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This page is about the Witches Hat from Witchery. For Witch Hat from Quark, see Witch Hat.
Witches Hat

Tooltip textHow original... a pointy hat.
+35% chance of second brew
Armor rating1 (Half Armor.svg)

The Witches Hat is an armor piece added by Witchery. It is worn in the helmet slot and provides 1 (Half Armor.svg) armor point. The Witches Hat can be dyed and enchanted like leather armor.

If a brew is created in a Kettle while this Hat is worn, like the Witches Robes, there is a chance that an additional brew will be created. This chance stacks with the chance from the Witches Robes, adding up to about 70%. Unlike most armor, when a player becomes invisible the Hat turns invisible as well.