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On this page, the changelog for the Witchery mod can be found. It can also be found on Emoniph's website. This page is almost a direct copy of the changelog on Emoniph's website, although it has been formatted and properly linked for the wiki.



Released on April 16th, 2015 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • TWEAK: OPs in creative mode get a hint which skin changed player is sending chat messages.
  • TWEAK: Significantly optimized the client-side performance of Mirror blocks.
  • TWEAK: Optimized the reflection mob a bit to be a bit less CPU intensive.
  • TWEAK: Added a config option (ShrinkMirrorWorld) that will only use half the Y space in the mirror world for structuregen. This will need the world to be recreated to use though.
  • TWEAK: Optimised the lightmap a bit in a newly created mirror world.
  • TWEAK: Added limited support for AM2 for reflection mob equipment.
  • FIX: Breaking through mirror world walls no longer gets you stuck in the wall.
  • FIX: Vampire players in creative mode will not spawn witch hunter mobs.
  • FIX: Missing wolfman hand in first person mode is visible once more.


Released on April 12th, 2015 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • NEW: Magic Mirror, made by binding a demon to the mirror with a circle magic rite, activate it to find the fairest in the land, the fairest may not be the player but rather another NPC (leaving only one way to become the fairest).
  • NEW: Magic mirrors remember who walk past them, and will tell when asked.
  • NEW: Walk into the mirror to enter it, beware the demonic creature inside (defeat it to take control of the inners of the mirror, although the mirror will then no longer be able to talk to you, or do other reflection magic).
  • NEW: using "/chant mirror mirror send me home" may get you out of a stuck place in a mirror
  • NEW: Placing a mirror on the wall when in a mirror may need altar power to get working (until both sides of the gap have mirrors on them)
  • NEW: Using the Taglock kit of another player on a mirror containing a demon will allow the player to change their looks (skin) to that of the other player if there is altar power available. Using an empty taglock kit (or the players own taglock) can be used to turn back to normal (this does not need altar power). Brews of Revealing can also remove this effect. Use the config options: B:AllowChatMasquerading and B:AllowNameplateMasquerading to control these two aspects of this power.
  • NEW: Create a Duplication Grenade by using a Quartz Sphere on a mirror containing a demon to charge it with the players reflection (assuming enough altar power is available). Throwing this sphere will create a duplicate of the bound player and cause mobs currently targeting the player to target that instead.
  • NEW: Reflection demon, mirrors the player.
  • NEW: Use opposite facing mirrors (that have had their demon slain), to teleport between them (over a maximum of 16 blocks), or teleport up or down up to 16 blocks with mirrors above each other with the same facing.
  • NEW: Heart of Gold, dropped from the Fairest of NPCs, used to add animal attraction or animal repulsion effects to a brew in the cauldron. Drinking the Animal Attraction will instantly tame untamed creatures in a wide area, and all animals will try to approach the drinker. Animal Replusion will untame tamed creatures (not tamed by the drinker) and cause animals to run away.
  • NEW: Summon Reflection Demon, use a mirror in a circle rite to summon one of these odd creatures.
  • TWEAK: Added a config option I:RiteOfEclipseCooldownInSecs that will set the minimum number of seconds allowed in a world between activations of a Rite of Total Eclipse. By default this is zero but may be increased up to 3600 (1 hour). This cooldown will only take effect if more than one player is in the world at a time.
  • TWEAK: Lowered the priority of the hotbar drawing so other mods have a chance to draw their stuff before Witchery vampire code takes over.
  • TWEAK: Village guards and witch hunters are now immune to arrows from village guards.
  • TWEAK: Werewolf silver weapon detection should now support a few more silver types from other mods.
  • TWEAK: Added a configuration option to increase Spirit spawn rates.
  • TWEAK: There is now a config option to disable player to player werewolf infections: B:AllowPlayerToPlayerWolfInfection.
  • TWEAK: Added more bed types to taglock kit support
  • TWEAK: Added PVP mode support to some Mystic Branch effects, so no damage can occur if PVP is disabled.
  • FIX: Rite of Total Eclipse now persists the minecraft day.
  • FIX: Glyphs drawn with chalk are now immediately visible to other players on a server.
  • FIX: Sunlight grenades no longer replace non-complete solid blocks that they pass over (under some circumstances)
  • FIX: An issue with incorrectly set up potion ids lead to a NPE when the domination effect was on a villager.
  • FIX: Suppressed a (probably correct) NRE when another mod incorrectly provides a null value for the fluid to various fluid API methods.
  • FIX: Bats spawned with the vampire power no longer drop items.



Released on March 15, 2015 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • TWEAK: Witch Hunters no longer attack, nor are attacked by Minecraft Comes Alive villagers.
  • TWEAK: Villagers are now immune to arrows from Village Guards and Witch Hunters.
  • TWEAK: Some demons from other mobs are affected by the Harm Demon custom potion effect.
  • TWEAK: Increased the height ceiling of Winged Monkeys carrying creatures to 32 blocks above the target block.
  • FIX: Sticky Item custom potion effect now works correctly again.
  • FIX: Brews of Erosion had an inverted block protection effect (meaning they only worked in block protected areas, Derpy McDerpderp).


Released on March 12, 2015 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • TWEAK: Vampire knockback effect only triggers if sneaking when striking.
  • TWEAK: Hobgoblins will flee village guards if not in a pack.
  • TWEAK: Moon Charms may be repaired in an anvil with a gold ingot.
  • TWEAK: Purified Milk may also be made from a Cake (don't ask...) since some mods remove milk buckets.
  • TWEAK: Placed Garlic Garlands will now be rendered at the top of the block, and allow click-though below them, this allows players to place them before a door to prevent vampire entry, and still look good.
  • TWEAK: Dream Weavers now work for vampires sleeping though the day in a coffin.
  • TWEAK: Coffin should not now open when there is a block above it.
  • FIX: Open coffin lid was being inappropriately culled.
  • FIX: Sun was burning a vampire separated from the sun by a single block, if the vampire was only 1 block high (bat or shrunken) and directly below the block.
  • FIX: Guards will no longer shoot at Witch Hunters.
  • FIX: Enchantment effect on Cane Sword model was being shown even if the sword was not enchanted.
  • FIX: Added a workaround for the Ars Magica 2 issue with resized players suffocating under a block, when in bat form.


Released on March 9, 2015 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • NEW: Winged Monkeys - Tameable, dyeable, creature made by mutating a dog with and owl. Can pick up and carry players to places, or fetch players or other mobs.
  • NEW: Town Keeps - a small keep structure for villages, comes with some town guards.
  • NEW: Watchtowers - a structure for villages, comes with some town guards.
  • NEW: Book Shoppe- a structure for villages, contains a bunch of basic books from various mods on its walls.
  • NEW: Town Walls - a curtain wall circling a village, comes with town guards.
  • NEW: Village Guards - beefy, armored, patrolling villagers, that shoot arrows at mobs and players who attack the village/villagers. Village guards will defend high reputation players, if attacked by another player.
  • NEW: Village mayors - Players with high reputation can assign villagers guard duty, making them into Village Guards.
  • NEW: Larger villages - villages can now generate to span a much larger area.
  • NEW: Villages in more biomes.
  • NEW: Snowy villages - new snow theme for villages that generate in snowy biomes.
  • NEW: Sleeping villagers - Villagers will now go to sleep if they are inside at night. They will regenerate health, and other stats, if they sleep long enough.
  • NEW: Aguamenti mystic branch effect will now also fill kettles and witches' cauldrons
  • NEW: Higher level werewolves now transform faster when using the Moon Charm
  • NEW: Vampires - Blood sucking mobs
  • NEW: Vampirism - Players can become vampires and level up. Extra hotbar with skills, suck blood (for hunger refill and power for abilities), transfix victims, run like the wind, swarm of bats form, fear the sun!
  • NEW: Vampire Clothing - Gives some buffs to vampires, looks the part.
  • NEW: Cane Sword - A sword in a cane!
  • NEW: Garlic - Multi stage plant
  • NEW: Meaty Stew - Very nourishing, made with garlic
  • NEW: Garlic Garland - Place around to keep vampires at bay
  • NEW: Garlic potion effect for witches' cauldrons, weakens vampires
  • NEW: Hunter Dawn Armor - extra protection from vampires
  • NEW: Coffin - Allows vampires to sleep though the day
  • NEW: Sunlight Grenades - Sun in a sphere, vampires beware!
  • NEW: Sunlight Collector - For charging sunlight grenades
  • NEW: Blood-stained Wool - Decoration block, used for making vampire clothes
  • NEW: Boss - Lilith
  • NEW: Book Observations of an Immortal.
  • NEW: Glass Goblet - For drinking.
  • NEW: Blood Crucible - For charging high-level vampire powers.
  • NEW: Shaded Glass - Very similar to stained glass until it receives a redstone current, then it darkens to prevent sunburn to undead under it.
  • NEW: Wooden Stake - Use on a sleeping vampire to kill them.
  • NEW: Mod Pack support for controlling vampire quests, config options to disable the vampire ritual and questing, and two non-craftable items: Bottle of Warm Blood (that refills two drops of the player's blood bar) and Bottle of Lilith's Blood (that increases the players vampire level by 1, or makes them into a vampire otherwise, if they are at max level it fills their blood bar by 8 drops).
  • TWEAK: Interacting with a Hobgoblin that his holding something, will now add it to the players inventory instead of just dropping it.
  • TWEAK: The Creative Wolf Token now cycles vampire levels if sneaking when used.
  • TWEAK: Modpacks and servers can now specify which blocks can be replaced by the Rite of Natures Power in the config file using the list under: NaturesPowerReplaceableBlocks
  • TWEAK: Hobgoblins may despawn more frequently when out in the wild.
  • TWEAK: Lowered the default spawn weight of Hellhounds and reduced their default despawn protection time.
  • TWEAK: Lord of Torment is once again weaker to the Ingianima mystic branch spell.
  • TWEAK: Added block protection check to normal Brew of Erosion (made in a kettle)
  • TWEAK: Werewolf's wolf form fast dig ability now requires the player to be sneaking to use it.
  • TWEAK: Snow slab recipe is now made from snow layer blocks.
  • TWEAK: Added a default despawn time for disease blocks, config option to reduce this further.
  • TWEAK: Added herbology book page for Wolfsbane.
  • TWEAK: Werewolf villagers now keep their trades when converting to and from wolfman form
  • TWEAK: Preventing forced item drops if an item GUI is shown, since some mods don't handle this correctly leading to dupe side-effects.
  • TWEAK: Killing hobgoblins in a village no longer decreases reputation, killing baby hobgoblins does though.
  • TWEAK: Wolfman rend armor ability now better detects regenerating armor.
  • TWEAK: Witch Hunters will no longer damage each other
  • TWEAK: Clearing the area of blocks when entering torment.
  • TWEAK: Disable visits from your Coven Witches to you base by setting the config key: B:AllowCovenWitchVisits=false
  • FIX: Hunter armor would damage werewolves, even if not silvered.
  • FIX: Stack overflow error when using some block from Ganys Nether Mod next to a silver vat, both blocks would generate and react to each others change events.
  • FIX: Some invalid cast exceptions in Fume Funnels when another mod has not cleaned up tile entities correctly.
  • FIX: Removed some biome types from spirit spawning, seems to cause issues with Twilight forest to register in most biomes even if generation is later blocked, may also have had some effect on mob spawning in modded nether biomes. Issue seems to be related to any mobs registered as Ambient type.
  • FIX: Null Pointer Exception could occur when using the village detection rite
  • FIX: Null pointer exception could occur when a hellhound converts to a normal wolf under some circumstances
  • FIX: It was not possible to decant a custom brew in a cauldron unless a altar was near, even if the brew did not need altar power, derp.
  • FIX: Prevented an index out of bounds exception in poppets when another mod breaks somethings with rendering.
  • FIX: Protego mystic branch effect no longer destroys placed mob heads.
  • FIX: Player dying and a certain combination of spirit related events could leave a Shade of Leonard invulnerable until the chunk he is in is reloaded.
  • FIX: Prevented null pointer exception on log-in when certain potion ids have not been assigned correctly, this is still a breaking bug, but at least you can log in properly now.
  • FIX: Null pointer exception fixed in disease blocks.
  • FIX: Rare null pointer exception fixed in brew gas blocks (when another mod leaves tile entities around).
  • FIX: Deaths Hand now works as it should in boss fights.
  • FIX: Exception could occur when using the new instant waystone rituals across dimensions.
  • FIX: Incorrect message saying not enough space, when summing a demon in a circle magic ritual, and the demon is still summoning is no longer shown.
  • FIX: Modified the furnace recipe registration for witchery logs, may help with solving a Thermal Expansion dupe issue.
  • FIX: Players in wolf or wolfman form appeared as their normal model if a player was very far away in the same world and then came to them.



Released on January 11, 2015 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • NEW: Silver Vat, place next to a furnace, to extract silver deposits when gold is smelted. Click on the block to recover the deposits, or pipe them out with a hopper or pipes. multiple furnaces can feed a vat, and up to four vats can surround a furnace.
  • NEW: Silver Sword, same stats as a golden sword (just less enchantable) but does double damage against werewolves, and ignores their damage resistance.
  • NEW: Silver Bolts, bolt for the Hand Crossbow, that does double damage against werewolves and ignores their damage resistance.
  • NEW: Silvered Hunter armor, provides significant protection against werewolf attacks.
  • NEW: Hellhound, flaming wolf mob that spawns in the nether, drops tongue of dog and occasional wolfs head. Can be converted to a normal wolf with a process like converting zombies to villagers.
  • NEW: Wolf Head, decorative block dropped from wolves and hellhounds (uses the appropriate skin).
  • NEW: Villager/wolfman, villager that turns into a wolfman when there is a full moon, returns to normal the next day.
  • NEW: Wolfsbane plant, seeds obtained from breaking tall grass. Grows in stages on farmland, consumes a lot of bonemeal to fertilize. Ingredient in other recipes. If used on a werewolf (in player or villager form) will reveal them to be a werewolf.
  • NEW: Wolfsbane potion effect (for cauldron), prevents werewolves from changing form while it is active.
  • NEW: Harm Werewolves potion effect (for cauldron), causes damage to werewolves that ignores their innate protection. If cast as a ground targeted ritual will cause it to rain, or if powered up, thunder.
  • NEW: Wolf Altar, statue to the deity responsible for lycanthropy.
  • NEW: Curse of the Wolf, circle magic ritual to curse a villager or player with lycanthropy.
  • NEW: Remove Curse of the Wolf, circle magic ritual to remove lycanthropy from a villager or player. Players who have progressed down the werewolf path must be standing in the circle for the cure to have a chance to take effect.
  • NEW: Lycanthropy, players infected with this will change into a Wolf (fast movement, 1 block high) whenever there is a full moon, they may learn new abilities by interacting with a Wolf Altar and performing the tasks set. When in wolf form the player is immune to disease and poison and will be very resistant to damage unless from silver weapons.
  • NEW: Moon Charm, allows a werewolf player to change to wolf or wolfman form if they have learned the ability to force conversion and have unlocked the wolfman form. Having the charm in their inventory, will also prevent automatic wolf conversion during the full moon. Moon Charms are given as part of the werewolf quest line, and can be subsequently acquired by giving gold ingots to a Wolf Altar.
  • NEW: Werewolf Quests, a player under the Curse of the Wolf can interact with a Wolf Altar and will receive quests, which when complete will unlock new wolf powers, starting with the ability to use a Moon Charm. As abilities are unlocked, basic stats in the various wolf forms will also increase (damage, health, speed, etc.).
  • NEW: Werewolf level 3: Fast earth digging and Bone find chance (wolf form).
  • NEW: Werewolf level 4: Consume kills for hunger regen (wolf and wolfman forms).
  • NEW: Werewolf level 5: Transform to Wolfman form (powerful combat form, slower than wolf but more damage and life, cannot hold objects).
  • NEW: Werewolf level 6: Charge attack (wolf and wolfman forms) (sprint and hit).
  • NEW: Werewolf level 7: Stunning howl (wolfman form). Right-click while looking straight up.
  • NEW: Werewolf level 8: Call pack howl (wolf form). Right-click while looking straight up.
  • NEW: Werewolf level 9: Rend armor (wolfman form).
  • NEW: Werewolf level 10: Cursed bite (to spread the curse).
  • NEW: Horn of the Hunt, used to call a Horned Huntsman a single time. Part of the werewolf quest chain to reach level 5.
  • NEW: Raw Lambchop, often dropped when a werewolf transformed player kills a sheep (unlocked when use of a Moon Charm becomes available). Can be cooked (Cooked Lambchop) for better hunger regeneration.
  • NEW: Re-added Ars Magica support (draining bolts, etc.)
  • NEW: Beartrap. Made from iron. Place them and set them (other players will find it hard to see them). When a creature walks over one they take a bit of damage and get stunned.
  • NEW: Awaken the Wolf: A complex way for non-witches to become werewolves involving a converted beartrap, wolf altars trapped sheep and a full moon.
  • TWEAK: Tooltips for items in the Witches' Brews book, now show the Altar power costs for the ingredient when used in brewing and rituals (remember the ritual cost comes down when you use ritual circles!)
  • TWEAK: Config option added to prevent damaging explosions when a creeper heart is eaten.
  • TWEAK: Witch Hunter mobs will now fire silver bolts when attacking werewolves.
  • TWEAK: Attached original attacking entity to the damage source of some potion effects.
  • TWEAK: Added block protection checking to Mystic Branch Aguamenti effect (spawn water), I hope that is the last one that needs it...
  • TWEAK: Dissipate Gas effect for the cauldron will now also remove any (non block protected) blocks that implement IFluidBlock and have a gaseous fluid if the effect is power II or higher.
  • TWEAK: Added a config option to disable the block damaging capability of the Volatile custom potion effect. It already respects block protection systems, but this allows it to be turned off completely.
  • FIX: Null pointer exception when a mob has the Keep Inventory potion effect and it is killed. Stupid missing braces on if statements...
  • FIX: Index out of range exception occurred in wicker bundles when an invalid value for meta was being passed to the client render methods.
  • FIX: Invalid cast exception in Witches Oven, Golden Circle Glyph, BrewLiquidEffect and Statue of the Goddess when interacted with and another mod had not cleaned up TileEntites correctly at the location where the oven or statue now stands.
  • FIX: Setting the hobgoblinspawnweight to a negative value in the config file caused an illegalargumenexception to occur, it now prevents hobgoblin spawning.
  • FIX: Client-side null reference exception occurred if the Witches Oven GUI is shown under invalid circumstances (with no linked container).
  • FIX: Index out of range exception when an invalid metadata value was passed to the Circe Glyph block for rendering.
  • FIX: Null pointer exception when flowing spirit is initialized in an unorthodox manner on the client-side.
  • FIX: Null pointer exception under some obscure circumstance when using the potion of resizing and trying to draw a block highlight.
  • FIX: Unreproducable null reference exception occurred in cauldron handler for NEI, seems to be related to something messing with the item to block mapping or unlocalised name of wispy cotton. Apart from trapping the exception and adding logging, there is not much more I can do when a system gets into this state since the block item is being set to null (perhaps as a result of some type of item/block name tweaking).
  • FIX: Worship effect was not being applied under some circumstances.



Released on December 27, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • TWEAK: Lowered altar power cost of using the Refined Evil ingredient, bringing Drop of Luck's total Altar power cost to 5000ish.
  • TWEAK: Crafting page in the Witches' Brews books, now indicates that ritual circles can help with recipe costs.
  • TWEAK: Increased mutandis recipe to result in 6 items (up from 4).
  • TWEAK: Removed light opacity on ice fences, since the ground below them goes too dark (looks not so good).
  • TWEAK: Added NEI usage handler for Cauldron recipes.
  • TWEAK: Added several missing Thaumcraft aspects for the new items and blocks.
  • TWEAK: Added Italian translations for 0.21 features (thanks to valerioter).
  • TWEAK: Finished adding an entry for each effect listed in the Witches' Brews book.
  • TWEAK: Seer stone can now be used to show a player's skill and brew bottling.
  • FIX: NullRefereceExcpetion occurred when using EnderIO conduits to fill an empty cauldron with water.
  • FIX: Crafting recipes in the Cauldron were not taking into account the ritual circles as to when to show "powered" particles or when to begin. Resulting in the creation failing with a yellow effect, when the recipe power level was reached and no white circles were present (since the recipe costs 1.4x normal without the circles).
  • FIX: Bottling was not actually consuming altar power :S


Released on December 25, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • TWEAK: Regigged the Waila integration, to workaround side-effects when other mods base-edit Zombies and other mobs.
  • TWEAK: Remove light opacity from ice doors so the darkening effect does not occur when standing in them (which is unwanted).
  • FIX: Typos in the witches' brews book corrected (and a few more details added)
  • FIX: Mortal Coil effect from Leonard was causing items not to be kept in the inventory when the player dies while under the sticky items effect.
  • FIX: Periodic nausia effect added by the Feel No Pain effect (from drinking moonshine), was causing a ConcurrentModificationException to occur when a block as also adding effects to the player.
  • FIX: Spirits were not dropping their subdued form any more.


Released on December 22, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • NEW: Witch's Cauldron, used to make custom brews, rituals and craft some items. Comparator signal strength reveals brewing progress (empty, filled, boiling, effect added, powered and all capacity used). Created by using Anointing Paste on a normal Cauldron.
  • NEW: Book Witches' Brews, describes how to brew with the Witches' Cauldron.
  • NEW: Brew custom potions, throw items into a full, boiling witch's cauldron and bottle it to create a custom brew. Items add different effects. Each effect can be modified for power and duration.
  • NEW: Brew dispersal methods: drink, splash, gas and liquid. Dispersal effects can be modified for extent and duration.
  • NEW: Cast custom Rituals, throw items into a full, boiling witch's cauldron then add waystones/taglocks for targeting, summon your coven (or other players with familiars) and cast the spell. Items add different effects. Each effect can be modified for power and duration.
  • NEW: Ritual dispersal methods: entity, splash, wide expanding AOE, rain. Dispersal effects can be modified for extent and duration.
  • NEW: Apply brew effects to an item, so that when it is next used the effect will trigger, reapply the ritual to increase the number of charges on the item (Curse a Book or an Apple for example).
  • NEW: Apply brew effects to vanilla doors, buttons, levers and pressure plates, to apply the effect when they are next used (one-shot application, this is not a permanent effect).
  • NEW: Boss - Shade of Leonard, summoned with the cauldron, very hard to defeat.
  • NEW: Epic artefact, Leonard's Urn, dropped by Leonard's shade, craft up to 4 together.
  • NEW: Potion effects to brew or ritualized in any combination: Poisoned frogs, damage undead, damage insects, damage demons, undead's curse (sunburn), fortune, disease, flatten land, remove gas, planting, tilling, harvest, fertilize, plant flowers, blight, stout stomach, moonshine, plant lily pads, blast, raise land, repel attacker, attract projectiles, reflect damage, reflect projectiles, drain magic, combustion (fuel source), unstable (don't get hit), absorb magic, poisoned weapons, raise undead, disrobe, part water, part lava, flames, pulverize, inhibit teleport, quaffing boost, resize, extinguish fire, fast swim, jump boost, sinking, overheat, full belly, keep inventory, fell trees, reveal, cause hunger, prune leaves, insanity, remove buffs, remove debuffs, summon owls, pull entities, summon bats, reincarnate, transpose ores, grue's prey, transpose, feather fall, bottling boost, multi jump, knockback, snow, paralysis, heal, harm, freeze, icy shell, love, sprouting, fear, blindness, erode, vines, webs, thorns, nightmare, boost active effects duration, breath underwater, resist fire, fast, slow, invisible, health boost, absorption, night vision, poison, wither, regeneration, strength, weakness, change biome, plant trees, steal buffs, spread debuffs (I may have missed some, but all are in the Witches' Brews book), endless water, ice world, keep potion effects on death.
  • NEW: Drop Gypsum in a witch's cauldron to clear the contents
  • NEW: Drop Quicklime in a witch's cauldron to clear the contents and cause an explosion to damage nearby creatures (not structures or the witch). The strength depends on the number of ingredients in the cauldron.
  • NEW: Book of Biomes (Extended Edition), lists biomes on each page, pick a page then craft the book with a piece of paper to create a Biome Note. This is used to select a biome when adding the Change Biome potion effect.
  • NEW: Mutandis and Mutandis Extremis are now made in a Witch's cauldron
  • NEW: Mutating Sprig is now made in a Witch's Cauldron
  • NEW: Drop of Luck is now made in a Witch's Cauldron.
  • NEW: Golden, Infernal and Otherwhere chalk are now made in a Witch's Cauldron
  • NEW: Waystones can now be made by dropping up to eight of them into a 3x3 hollow square drawn with Otherwhere chalk (8 runes), and leaving them for a few seconds.
  • NEW: Blooded waystones can now be made by dropping up to eight of them into a 3x3 hollow square drawn with Otherwhere chalk (8 runes), when both a player and a charged altar are close to the circle, and leaving them for a few seconds.
  • NEW: Dropping a Bound Waystone into a 5x5 Otherwhere circle (12 runes) will teleport all creatures in the circle after a few seconds.
  • NEW: Holding use on the Seer Stone will now summon your Coven members, one after another. If near a Witches' Cauldron they will move to surround it.
  • NEW: Placing a Brew of Endless Water into a Dispenser, and dispensing directly into an empty adjacent Cauldron or Kettle, will fill either with water for one charge of the brew.
  • NEW: Placing a dispenser containing Glass Bottles facing away from a Witch's cauldron will bottle a brew from the cauldron when the dispenser receives a signal. The bottled brew will be ejected from the dispenser as expected and a glass bottle consumed.
  • NEW: Craftable Snow Stairs, Snow Slabs and Snow Pressure Plates.
  • NEW: Ice pressure plate that only activates for players wearing Icy Slippers. Only creatable using the Ice World potion effect on regular stone or wooden pressure plates.
  • NEW: Ice stairs, ice slabs, ice fences, ice gates, ice doors and ice stockades. Only creatable using the Ice World potion effect on regular blocks of the equivalent type.
  • NEW: Added GUI for witchery configuration in the mods section of the Minecraft main menu.
  • NEW: Earmuffs - Mandrake farmers dream come true.
  • NEW: Dirt and Grass Pitfall Blocks. They look like dirt and grass, just you cannot stand on them.
  • NEW: Player Compass. Attach a taglock to find the way to that player in the same dimension. Created in a cauldron.
  • NEW: Locate the closest village in the overworld, or the closest nether fortress in the nether, by dropping either an attuned stone or subdued spirit inside a 3x3 ritual circle and waiting for the spirit to show the way.
  • TWEAK: Re-added support for MineFactory Reloaded.
  • TWEAK: Hobgoblins are now immune to fall damage.
  • TWEAK: Disabled certain teleportation events in Torment to prevent teleporting above the maze.
  • TWEAK: The buff from Hobgoblin worship, is now shown as a Potion Effect in the Inventory.
  • TWEAK: Lowered Mog/Gulg spawn rate, and added a configuration option to control this further.
  • TWEAK: Added support for IGrowable interface to Witchery plants.
  • TWEAK: WAILA mod now shows Insanity Curse mods by their Vanilla names
  • TWEAK: It is now possible to add some other plants to the random mutation effects of Mutandis, by specifying them in the config file.
  • TWEAK: Added Acacia and Dark Oak saplings to possible Mutandis mutations.
  • TWEAK: Draining Bolts now drain 50% of magic power.
  • TWEAK: Changed witches oven recipe to use less iron.
  • TWEAK: Placing a block on a demon heart no longer replaces the heart.
  • TWEAK: Some players have reported Lord of Torment not spawning when the second half of the boss battle starts, while I am unable to replicate this, I have regigged a bit of code that *may* have some effect.
  • TWEAK: Improved the witchery leave decay algorithm.
  • FIX: Drawing with chalk on the ground below non-solid blocks, no longer replaces the block.
  • FIX: It was not possible to create blooded waystones for non-players.
  • FIX: Secondary splash that is sometimes heard when throwing things into a kettle is now gone.
  • FIX: Worked-around a mod compatibility issue for the Statue of Worship, where other mods (like enetbridge) who use reflection on all fields in the class and fail to handle all relevant exceptions, can cause the game to crash.
  • FIX: Spawn rate of demons in a demonic nightmare was far, far to low.
  • FIX: Apothecaries and village witch huts were not using the desert style in deserts.



Released on September 22, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  • NEW: Added Spanish Language support (big thanks to minecraftentxt!)
  • FIX (1.7 only): Spirits were not spawning in the Spirit World in any consistent way.
  • FIX: Witchery structures could spawn in oceans.


Released on August 16, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2, and 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Backported to Minecraft 1.6.4.
  • NEW: Twisting Band: Made from Koboldite and worn on the head. Mobs who look at the wearer are weakened, players who look at the wearer get butterflies in their stomach and must look away. Otherwise it is iron armor with the durability of diamond armor.
  • TWEAK: Hobgoblin taglocks given to a Treefyd or Fetish will now apply the exclusion to all hobgoblins (like is done with villagers).
  • TWEAK: Koboldite Pickaxe now will auto smelt about half the time with a chance to double or triple the resulting item.
  • FIX: Teleporting to a player using a blooded waystone using the Rite of Transposition causes a Null Pointer Exception if the player was not logged in.


Released on August 1, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2.

  • TWEAK: Rowan Wood Doors will no longer break when the block below them is removed.
  • TWEAK: Rowan Wood Doors will open so long as the player has the key somewhere in their inventory.
  • TWEAK: Rowan Wood Doors will break into sticks unless the player has they keys in their inventory.
  • TWEAK: Changed the Witches Oven to prevent the insertion of Clay Jars into the cooking slot, this means it is possible to automate the oven with hoppers now.
  • TWEAK: Hobgoblin miners will be much less likely to dig down twice now.
  • TWEAK: Updated all book recipes to use any ore dictionary dyeBlack instead of just ink sacs.
  • FIX: Hobgoblin miners will no longer mine unbreakable stone/ground blocks.
  • FIX: Worked around an issue where if another mod creates TileEntities while the Hobgoblins are looking for chests a ConcurrentModificationException occurred.


Released on July 30, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2.

  • NEW: Add Italian language support.
  • NEW: Infinity Egg, creative only block that give an altar a huge energy boost.
  • TWEAK: Changed recipe for Koboldite Pickaxe to include some lava.
  • TWEAK: Changed Koboldite Pickaxe equipped hobgoblin to autosmelt doubled ore.
  • TWEAK: Increased Koboldite Pickaxe equipped hobgoblin mining animation speed.
  • FIX: Tooltips were missing for Boline and Huntsman's Spear.
  • FIX: Recipe for Trent Idols incorrectly used planks instead of logs.
  • FIX: Placing a Pentacle, Arthana or Mystic Branch on an altar would replace an existing item if one were already there.


Released on July 27, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2

  • FIX: InvalidCastException occured when goblins try to get jiggy.


Released on July 27, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2.

  • NEW: Added Chinese, German and Russian translations for 0.20 features.
  • TWEAK: Infernal Infusion Zombie Pigman buffs have been reduced to level III. Zombie attack buff has been reduces to level I.
  • FIX: Stockade blocks were always dropping as oak instead of the actual wood they were made from.
  • FIX: Worked around an issue with Thaumcraft 4 golems that seem to use an incomplete GameProfile for their fake player causing the Equals method to throw a NPE.
  • FIX: Rite of Moving Earth was only raising by one block (this seems to be a general 1.7 migration bug).


Released on July 21, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2.

  • NEW: Bind a Waystone to a player or creature in a Rite of Binding, creating a Blooded Waystone.
  • NEW: Transpose to the location of a player. Rite of Transposition using a waystone can now take the occupants of the circle to a player/creature bound Blooded Waystone.
  • NEW: Deliver objects with Owls. Give a tamed Owl an item and use a Bound Waystone or Blooded Waystone on the owl (the waystone does not get consumed). The owl will fly to the appropriate location, drop the item and return back to where it started from (it may take a while). If given a splash potion or brew, it will throw the potion instead of just dropping it.
  • NEW: Mob: Hobgoblin. Spawns in forest, plains and swamp biomes. Can be led with a Leash. Can form villages like normal villagers do (build huts for them). Will trade if part of a village. Hobgoblins do not like villagers, and will attack if there are enough Hobgoblins nearby (Hobgoblins are too cowardly to fight when not in hordes).
  • NEW: Worldgen: Hobgoblin Huts. Almost always contain a Hobgoblin.
  • NEW: Hobgoblin Miners. Leash a Hobgoblin to a post and give it a pickaxe and it will begin mining nearby blocks.
  • NEW: Hobgoblin Gatherers. Leash a Hobgoblin to a post near a chest and it will pick up nearby dropped objects and place them in a nearby chest.
  • NEW: Koboldite Dust. Hobgoblin miners have a small chance to find Koboldite Dust, this can be crafted by certain Hobgoblins to nuggets and finally ingots (they may require some gold or emeralds to do this however!).
  • NEW: Koboldite Pickaxe. Like a diamond pickaxe, but in the hands of a Hobgoblin Miner (and only a Hobgoblin miner) will turbo speed its mining, and cause its dropped ores to multiply.
  • NEW: Pentacle, made from Koboldite, when placed on an altar will double its recharge rate.
  • NEW: Statue of Hobgoblin Patron. A witch may create this statue and bind it to themselves. When placed, nearby hobgoblins will probably start venerating this new patron. Boosting the powers of whomever that is. The more hobgoblins the more powerful the results.
  • NEW: Passive infusion power regen in the area around hobgoblin worshipers with a small number of worshipers.
  • NEW: Boost Mystic Branch powers through hobgoblin worshipers. Drawing larger versions of a symbol will result in some effects having becoming AOE, or with even more worshipers, larger or more powerful effects. E.g. Defodio increases to a 3x3 or larger dig effect, Aguamenti spawns more water, or even a small amount in the nether.
  • NEW: Wrath of the Hobgoblin Gods. Causing Hobgoblins to worship the player can (very small chance, but it increases with more worshipers) cause two avatars: Mog and Gulg (read boss fight) to be sent to deal with the witch.
  • NEW: Mog's Quiver, epic loot sometimes dropped by Mog. Worn in the chest slot, functions as leather armor (with much higher durability and repaired with leather). Provides unlimited arrows for an equipped bow. Fired arrows travel much faster, and cause extreme damage to airborne (or jumping) creatures. Being close to another player wearing Gulg's Gurdle, grants a resistance buff.
  • NEW: Gulg's Gurdle, epic loot sometimes dropped by Gulg. Worn in the legs slot, functions as leather armor (with much highter durability and repaired with leather). Causes 4 damage (2 hearts) when striking with an empty hand, and launches the target into the air (Shoryuken!!!). Being close to another player wearing Mog's Quiver, grants a resistance buff.
  • NEW: Stockade block. Crafted from logs and Exhale of the Horned One. These spiky blocks make excellent outer walls that are rather hard to chop down. Also falling onto them causes damage, making them excellent for spike traps.
  • NEW: Add config option for non-PVP servers to prevent taglock collection for other players by clicking on the player or player's bed. In this way taglocks must be given by their owner.
  • NEW: Added a config option to prevent taglock collection from OPs.
  • TWEAK: Rite of Icy Expansion now generates ice that does not melt.
  • TWEAK: Added a new block for Torment flooring. This will only generate if the Torment dimension is newly created.
  • TWEAK: Changed the pattern for the Mystic Branch Incendio effect to left, up, up, down, down.
  • FIX: Restored auto wake up when heading to the nether from the spirit world.
  • FIX: Issue where cooldowns on spells like Tormentum become extremely long when going to MystCraft worlds.
  • FIX: Sending a player to Torment from the nether, made them appear in the wrong location.
  • FIX: TileEntities such as the candelabra that do not require update ticks now no longer schedule themselves for requiring them. Basically means an extremely, microscopic (i.e. almost not noticeable) improvement in performance.



Released on June 17, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4.

  • TWEAK: Increased to growth rate of Wispy Cotton when farming it.
  • FIX (1.6.4 only): Missed a couple of back ports concerning Statue of Broken Curses.
  • FIX (1.6.4 only): Added some more checks to prevent exceptions where other mods do not clean up their TileEntities.
  • FIX: Duration of Morsmordre effect is no longer reset on restarting a server.
  • FIX: Morsmodre entity did not have a translated name.


Released on June 16, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Minedrake plant. Mutated from Mandrakes and creepers. Dropping the seed of this plant will spawn an animated Minedrake (after about 3 seconds), which will head towards the target of the player who dropped the seeds. Minedrakes tend to explode when they reach their target, or are hit (the explosion is small and does not harm scenery). Minedrake seeds can also be planted to grow more.
  • NEW: Statue of Broken Curses. Creative only block that looks like a stone wolf. If turned on in the config file (off by default), it will prevent any entities being cursed by one of the directed curses (Misfortune, Sinking, etc.), if they are within a 32 block radius of the statue (radius is also configurable). Murdering players in this range, removes protection from a player.
  • NEW: Statue of Occluded Summons. Creative only block that looks like a stone mandrake. If turned on in the config file (off by default), it will prevent any entities being summoned by the Rite of Transposition, if they are within a 32 block radius of the statue (radius is also configurable). Murdering players in this range, removes protection from a player.
  • TWEAK: Using a Taglock Kit on a player to get their Taglock now is sensitive to the direction of approach and whether the player is sneaking or not. Collecting from the front, chance is 1% and 10% if sneaking, collecting from behind chance is 30% and 60% if sneaking. Invisibility adds 10% to the frontal chances.
  • TWEAK: Added Chinese, German and Russian translations for 0.19.0 features.
  • TWEAK: Added Thaumcraft 4 aspects for 0.19.0 items and entities.
  • TWEAK: Restricted recall in Torment.
  • TWEAK: Powered Flame Imp is now wider rather than taller.
  • TWEAK: Increased the hardness of Leech Chests to make breaking them take a little longer.
  • TWEAK: Added boss mobs from other mods to exclusion list for Brew of the Grotesque and Enthralling.
  • TWEAK: It is now possible to use a damaged Boline in a circle magic rite.
  • FIX (1.7.2 only): Witchery NEI recipe handler for Witches Oven no longer causes a div by zero error when another mod causes the enumeration of burnable items to go wrong. The slot will just appear empty.
  • FIX (1.7.2 only): Titles in NEI views for witchery machines were not translated.
  • FIX (1.6.4 only): An invalid cast exception could occur if a Leech Chest is placed near a chest-like block from another mod (missed the back port, whoops).
  • FIX: A null reference exception that could occur when using the Polynesia Charm when another mod has messed with the vanilla items now no longer occurs. The offending items is now just not listed.
  • FIX: Added a bunch of extra sanity checks for issues found in OpenEye (which technically are other things breaking stuff and then passing garbage values to witchery methods, but hey it avoids a crash, at least at that point).
  • FIX: Foci items are returned if a Curse or Teleport is prevented by wearing Witch Hunter armor.
  • FIX: Unhandled exception occurred if an object with a high damage value is given to a tamed imp.
  • FIX (1.7.2 only): Removed witchery crop blocks from creative tabs (only the seeds should be there).
  • FIX (1.7.2 only): It was not possible to use a damaged Arthana in a rite.


Released on June 9, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4.

  • NEW: New boss, Lord of Torment, summoned using a Torment Scroll obtained from an Imp.
  • NEW: Flame Imp. Small but intelligent demon with which a contract may be made. A contracted imp may be used to exchange gifts or perform magical effects.
  • NEW: Feeding a Flame Imp a Demon Heart will cause it to become more powerful physically for a period of 30 minutes. When so enhanced the imp cannot perform imp magic. The effect can be removed with an Icy Needle.
  • NEW: Mystic Branch effect: Morsmordre. Summon a dark skull that floats in the air and causes nearby mobs to stay away from it. Ability is obtained by drinking a demon's soul obtained from an imp.
  • NEW: Mystic Branch effect: Carnosadiem. Damages the player to restore infused power. Will also add the damage as Life Points to a player who uses Blood Magic. Ability is obtained by drinking a demon's soul obtained from an imp.
  • NEW: Mystic Branch effect: Ignianima. Fires a projectile that damages the target and nearby creatures (small AOE). The projectile does more damage if the caster is lower on health. Ability is obtained by drinking a demon's soul obtained from an imp.
  • NEW: Mystic Branch effect: Tormentum. Causes the hit creature or player and those nearby (small AOE) eternal torment. Obtained by drinking a demon's soul obtained from a defeated Lord of Torment.
  • NEW: Imp Magic. A contract can be crafted representing a specific magical effect. This is then bound to a target creature with a Taglock Kit and finally given to an imp to perform the effect. The imp may refuse if it has not been given enough gifts.
  • NEW: Imp Magic: Living Flame. Summons a blaze to attack the target of the spell in the same dimension.
  • NEW: Imp Magic: Evaporation. Causes the victim to evaporate nearby water for a time or until cured with a Frozen Heart or death.
  • NEW: Imp Magic: Fiery Tolerance. Causes the target to become immune to fire for a long period of time.
  • NEW: Imp Magic: Fiery Touch. Causes the victim to occasionally start fires when interacting with things. Lasts for a time or until cured with a Frozen Heart or death.
  • NEW: Imp Magic: Melting Touch. Causes the target to automatically smelt blocks when harvesting them. Has a chance to double ores too. Lasts for a time or until cured with an Icy Heart or death.
  • NEW: Torment. Not a nice place.
  • TWEAK: The Mystic Branch effect Episkey now is an instant heal for the caster, but causes hunger.
  • TWEAK: Brazier can now be ignited with a redstone pulse.
  • TWEAK: Brazier can now be ignited when struck with the Mystic Branch Incendio effect.
  • TWEAK: Bloodied Wicker-Man can now be ignited with the Mystic Branch Incendio effect.
  • TWEAK (1.7.2 only): Improve Wispy Cotton spawn rate in Biomes O' Plenty biomes.
  • TWEAK: Added some more sanity checks to transitioning from the Spirit World to attempt recovery in the event of extreme conditions such as out-of-memory and so on.
  • TWEAK: Coven Witches can be added to a fetish as a group so all are included.
  • TWEAK: Reduced the chance of a Witches Hand dropping to a 33% (or 50% with an Arthana in 1.7.2 and 95% in 1.6.4) chance when a witch or coven witch is killed (witches are far more common in 1.7.2).
  • FIX: Using some witchery items (such as the Mystic Branch) were not clearing cached data when the item was dropped (or changed) while being used (use button pressed).
  • FIX: Changes in FML after forge build 1060 are resulting in "Duplicate block prefix" warning. These are now resolved.
  • FIX (1.7.2 only): Abandoned Shacks have planks instead of logs in some places.
  • FIX (1.7.2 only): An invalid cast exception could occur if a leech chest is placed near a chest-like block from another mod.
  • FIX (1.7.2 only): Replaced networking code to new methods in Forge build 1104.
  • FIX: Rite of Shifting Seasons foci now correctly expects tall grass instead of a shrub (grr meta).
  • FIX: When wearing speed enhancing footwear from mods such as Thaumcraft 4, the speed bonus when using the Mystic Branch results in extreme acceleration for the player. This is an incompatibility between the speed bonus mechanism from witchery and that used by Thaumcraft/Tinkers' Construct and not a bug per se.



Released on May 17, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4.

  • TWEAK: Changed the default dimension ID for the Spirit World to a negative value (-37) to avoid conflicts with mods such as Mystcraft and GalactiCraft.
  • FIX (1.7.2 only): Critter Snares holding a critter dropped an empty snare when bashed.
  • FIX: A null reference exception could occur when a DartCraft item is used in combination with Coven Witches in some way.
  • FIX: An index out of bounds error could occur when killing a Nightmare with a weapon with Looting XI on it (could only be as a result of cheating).


Released on May 11, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.2a and 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Added support for Minecraft 1.7.2 (alpha version).
  • TWEAK: Slightly modified the forest biome types that Coven Witches can spawn in.
  • FIX: A null reference exception could occur on the client side when showing the Altar GUI after the altar had been moved by another mod.
  • FIX: A null reference exception could occur when brewing with a toad without headgear on.
  • FIX: Removed duplicated Arthana recipe.
  • FIX: Brew of Substitution was not spawning swapped blocks.


Released on May 1, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Using Graveyard Dust on a player controlled spectral creature (Spectre, Banshee or Poltergeist) will increase its max health by 2 (to a maximum of 50).
  • NEW: Using (right-click) swords or armor on a player controlled zombie, skeleton or zombie pigman will equip that item on the creature if they do not already have an item in that equipment slot.
  • NEW: Use a Boline on a Treefyd to instruct it not to wander, use it again to allow it to wander, a static Treefyd will still move towards and attack targets.
  • NEW: Nullifying Bolts will now also remove magical potion effects (good and bad) from the hit creature. Poison and Wither will not be removed.
  • NEW: Wearing the full set of Witch Hunter Armor will now also cancel any teleportation effects that use the Forge EnderTeleport event.
  • TWEAK: The recipe for Wooden Bolts has been made cheaper, allowing the creation of nine bolts instead of three.
  • TWEAK: Death's teleportation cannot be interrupted.
  • TWEAK: The infinity enchant on a Witch Hunter Pistol Crossbow will now give a 25% chance of not consuming the bolt.
  • TWEAK: Witch Hunters will now cure themselves of poison effects.
  • FIX: Witch Hunters will now also attack vanilla witches.
  • FIX: Night vision effect from Death's Hood no longer flashes.


Released on April 29, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.


Released on April 27, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Witch hunter Armor set, leather armor with durability of iron. If the full set is worn: Bearer has 90% immunity to Curses of Misfortune and Waking Nightmare. Wearer has 90% immunity to Rite of Transposition pulls. Wearer is 100% immune to Vampiric Poppets. Wearer cannot use protection poppets. Wearer has a 25% chance of avoiding general Magical Damage (including voodoo poppets).
  • NEW: Witch Hunter Pistol Crossbow. Load by shift using (change ammo by shift-using again). Fire by using, has the same strength as a charged bow. Charge use to get crit. Different ammo types are available. Hand Crossbow may be enchanted (infinity halves durability loss instead of giving infinite ammo).
  • NEW: Wooden Bolt - Default ammo for the Pistol Crossbow. Effective against bark belt wearers and baba yaga.
  • NEW: Bone Bolt - Causes 1.5x damage against undead and demons (including players under the effects of the Infused brew of the grave).
  • NEW: Splitting Bolt - Splits into 3 Wooden Bolts fanning out in front of the crossbow, each bolt does half damage.
  • NEW: Nullifying Bolt - A wooden bolt that does not take the enchantment effects of the Crossbow. If fired by a player wearing the full Witch Hunter armor set, the bolt will reduce the power of a struck magic using player by 1/3 of their max level. Poppets (Death protection, vampiric, etc.) in poppet shelves will not function for the hit. Firing a nullifying bolt will completely drain the magical power level of the shooter.
  • NEW: Universal Antidote - Potion that when drunk will nullify poison and wither effects (stacks to 4).
  • NEW: Poppet Shelf Compass - Device with gems that light up as the player nears a poppet shelf. The more gems illuminated, the closer the shelf (has a range starting at 128 blocks).
  • NEW: Mob Witch Hunter - When a player uses black magic (voodoo poppets, parasitic poppets or curses) there is a chance that the Witch Hunter guild will notice and dispatch agents to track down the witch. These agents will appear from the shadows some time after the black magic is used, and attack the witch.
  • NEW: Binky's Skull can now be dropped upon defeating Death. Using this skull on the ground will summon death's horse Binky. When Binky is killed, its skull will be dropped ready to be used again.
  • NEW: Death's Footwear, Robes and Hood. Defeating Death may result in one of these pieces being dropped. The set (there are no legs) is iron armor with the durability of diamond. The chest piece grants fire immunity, the feet allow walking on liquids. The hood allows seeing in the dark and slowing those who the wearer looks at.
  • NEW: Hand of Death. Defeating Death may result in this being dropped. Attacking with it causes a chill touch against the target (15% max health damage ignoring armor). Using (right-click) this while wearing all death's clothes will summon death's scythe (use again to dismiss). Death's scythe drains your hunger constantly. The lower your hunger the more damage the chill touch will do. Hitting with the scythe restores hunger and life depending on how low your hunger bar is. The scythe can hit multiple targets.
  • NEW: When a player summons Death, if a player is wearing all the Death Gear set and holding Death's Hand, that player will be summoned instead of the death mob.
  • NEW: As an experiment into block protection, all block altering effects on the Mystic Branch now generate the Forge BlockBreak event and will not perform their action if the event is cancelled. As long as servers are correctly using this event for block protection, this should be a good solution. Confirmed to work on Thaumcraft 4 warded blocks.
  • TWEAK: Increased the spawn rate of Wispy Cotton in the Spirit World, to be more frequent.
  • TWEAK: Changed the spawn rate of Spirits in the Spirit World, to be less frequent.
  • TWEAK: Placed Spirits will not despawn.
  • FIX: An issue with Brew of Substitution and Solidifying Brew (Erosion).
  • FIX: Using a Boline to hit a Thaumcraft 4 plant caused a null reference exception to occur. I think this is a "bug" in Thaumcraft, but this workaround stops the exception.
  • FIX: Spirits will now despawn when the player moves far enough away.
  • FIX: Brazier recipe for Drain Growth was too expensive and could cause lag.
  • FIX: Tinkers' Construct has now fixed the issue with Heart canisters and being poisoned, so the Bark Belt UI icons now have to not do the workaround they did.



Released on April 15, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • TWEAK: Allowed Mutandis to be taken to the spirit world to allow a slightly faster start to building there.
  • TWEAK: Added variations of bound fetishes to the witchery creative tab.
  • TWEAK: Fetishes now trigger more promptly.
  • TWEAK: Added Chinese translations.
  • FIX: On servers the icon for Wispy Cotton in the Witchcraft: Herbology book was undefined.
  • FIX: Spectres triggered from a Sentinel Fetish preferred to attack players than their intended targets, even if the player is in a whitelist.
  • FIX: Sentinel Fetish will not attack the player if they return from the Spirit World after sleeping near the fetish.


Released on April 14, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.


Released on April 14, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Fetishes - Scarecrow, Trent Effigy and Witch's Ladder. These blocks can be used as decorative pieces, or used in a Rite of Binding to bind spectral creatures into them. The combination of spectral creatures causes a placed fetish to have a different effect. Taglocks may be used on a fetish to add that player or creature to the objects list of known entities. A manifested player can pick up and carry bound fetishes to the spirit world, their effect will be felt in both worlds.
  • NEW: Voodoo Protection Fetish. Voodoo Protection Poppets in a player's inventory in the area of effect of the fetish (16 blocks) will only be damaged to a normal extent even when a curse is cast by a witch with a cat familiar. Additionally the poppet will protect against the Rite of Transposition.
  • NEW: Shrieking Fetish. The fetish will scream when a non-whitelisted (or blacklisted) creature approaches within 16 blocks. It will also emit a redstone signal. If a witch's ladder is used, there will be no screaming, only the redstone signal.
  • NEW: Sentinel Fetish. When a non-whitelisted (or blacklisted) creature approaches within 8 blocks of the fetish, spectres will be released to force them to flee.
  • NEW: Disorientation Fetish. When a non-whitelisted (or blacklisted) creature approaches within 8 blocks of the fetish, they will be flipped around, the effect becomes more disorientating the closer the creature approaches. The fetish will ignore players with no arms or armor.
  • NEW: Ghost Walking Fetish. When near this fetish, the timer for a spirit walking player (Rite of Manifestation) will not decrease. This essentially allows path ways to be built for ghostly characters to walk along.
  • NEW: Spectral Stone - Used to trap aggressive spectral creatures (spectre, banshee and poltergeist) using a Rite of Bindin, can be used to summon the creatures in an enthralled state (so controllable with the Necromantic Stone). Can hold up to three creatures.
  • NEW: Baba Yaga's Hat - Like a normal Witches Hat but has only a 25% chance (instead of 35%) for a second potion, but has also a 25% chance of a third potion. Also at the cost of 2.5% of a players infused power, the is a chance the player will be teleported a short distance instead of being hit.
  • NEW: Spirit - Mob that spawns in the Spirit World and flies around as a golden ball of light. Kill to subdue it, subdued spirits can be placed to allow them to fly once more, or taken back to the overworld to be used as ingredients (or released).
  • NEW: Spectre - Invisible mob that that can be summoned. Chill touch penetrates armor doing taking 10% of the victims life.
  • NEW: Poltergeist - Invisible mob that may appear when summoning spectral creatures, likes causing mischief by throwing items around.
  • NEW: Banshee - Mob that can be summoned, screams in a non-to-nice way causing magical damage to all nearby players.
  • NEW: Death - Boss mob. Very nasty.
  • NEW: Brazier - New apparatus used to burn various items to create magical effects. Most commonly used for necromantic summonings in association with the Wormwood plant. Use of the brazier has a chance of summoning a Poltergeist.
  • NEW: Brazier effect - Graveyard Mist.
  • NEW: Brazier effect - Summon Spectre.
  • NEW: Brazier effect - Summon Banshee.
  • NEW: Brazier effect - Deathly Veil.
  • NEW: Brazier effect - Anguish of the Dead.
  • NEW: Brazier effect - Fortification of the Corpse.
  • NEW: Brazier effect - Drain Growth.
  • NEW: Book Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes.
  • NEW: Boline - Functions as sheers but can also harvest cobwebs, trapped plants and blood roses. Has other uses connected with necromancy too.
  • NEW: Wormwood plant - Grows on cultivated land to two blocks in height. Drops seeds and wormwood. Initially mutated from grown wheat and wispy cotton.
  • NEW: Brew of Revealing - Reveals invisible spirits, creatures and players.
  • NEW: Infused Brew Base - Used to make infused brews, there are two recipes, the first is expensive, the second is cheaper but requires another Infused Brew Base.
  • NEW: Infused Brew of the Grave - Long duration buff to necromantic skills (Enthrall undead with a necromantic stone, feed on dead animals and players). Only one infused brew can be active at a time.
  • NEW: Infused Brew of Soaring - Long duration speed and control buff for Enchanted Broom flight. Stacks with buffs from the owl familiar. Only one infused brew can be active at a time.
  • NEW: Brew of Hollow Tears - The opposite of flowing spirit, used with solidifying brews.
  • NEW: Solidifying Brews - Brews that can be thrown at Hollow Tears to solidify it to a chosen material (dirt, stone, sand, sandstone, or optionally eroded away).
  • NEW: Brew of Substitution - Swaps blocks.
  • NEW: Use a Bound Waystone on a Crystal Ball to view that location.
  • NEW: Buff a Treefyd by using a Creeper Heart (or Demon Heart) on it to boost its max life and damage (the demon heart boosts more).
  • NEW: In the spirit world, Netherwart can be mutated from other plants with Mutandis.
  • NEW: Distilling a Demon Heart with neterrack creates soul sand.
  • TWEAK: The Biting Belt (and Parasytic Louse) will apply most potion effects before Vampiric Poppets are applied, regeneration effects will be applied after (if needed).
  • TWEAK: Seer Stone now also reveals manifestation time available to a player, if they have a familiar and their coven size.
  • TWEAK: Sneak-use a seer stone to see details about yourself.
  • TWEAK: The volcano raised with Rite of Earth's Wrath no longer has a flat bottom when expanded over air blocks.
  • TWEAK: WAILA mod is now supported, keeping trapped plants and alder doors somewhat hidden.
  • TWEAK: BiblioCraft Armor Stand is now supported for witch clothing.
  • TWEAK: Arthana can no longer harvest cobwebs (use a Boline instead).
  • TWEAK: Blood Roses and trapped plants will now be destroyed unless harvested with a boline.
  • TWEAK: Collision detection for the Enchanted Broom is partially disabled when ridden, allowing brews to be thrown effectively.
  • TWEAK: Popet Shelves will only function in the overworld, nether, end and spirit world.
  • TWEAK: Dragon Eggs provide substantially less Altar power.
  • TWEAK: Spear of the Huntsman damage counts as wooden damage
  • TWEAK: Only vanilla and witchery mobs will spawn in the Spirit World.
  • TWEAK: Blood Roses and Trapped Plants will now be broken if harvested with anything other than a Boline.
  • FIX: It is no longer possible to repair chalk using Ars Magica 2
  • FIX: Ars Magica 2 devices no longer change the type of a poppet.
  • FIX: Ruby Slippers will now correctly teleport players to the spawn point if they have no bed.
  • FIX: Bark Belt GUI icons (the sticks) are drawn too high if the player has more than 10 hearts and is using the Tinkers' Construct mod.
  • FIX: Bark Belt GUI icons were flashing when the player looked at a Biome colorable block (e.g. tall grass).
  • FIX: Nightmares were spawning too frequently if the player is flying at a certain height.
  • FIX: Nightmare shield was incorrectly timed.
  • FIX: In peaceful mode, Mandrakes will always just drop their harvest.
  • FIX: Whiff of Magic was missing its thaumcraft aspects
  • FIX: Flowing Spirit will not be writable as Mystcraft pages.
  • FIX: Left and Right motions in the Witchcraft: Symbology book were reversed.



Released on March 18, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.


Released on March 17, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • FIX: Small bug with poison management of Seeping Shoes.
  • FIX: Bark Belt bark pieces were being shown when invisible.


Released on March 17, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • FIX: Fixes client-side crash when using the Brew Bag radial menu without NEI installed.
  • NEW: Adds German language translations for 0.16.0 features.


Released on March 17, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Bark Belt. When standing on grass or mycellum this belt, every 5 or so seconds, can grow up to two pieces of bark onto each piece of witches clothes (total of 8 pieces). When hit by a mob, one or two pieces of bark will be knocked off negating the damage.
  • NEW: Seeping Shoes. These shoes cause any poison in the wearers body to seep out from them (removing the effect), into the ground and causing a bone meal effect in a small area.
  • NEW: Ruby Slippers: These slippers allow a bound waystone to be used without the need for a circle. Once every 30 minutes, the slippers can be used without a waystone to teleport to the wearers bed (if they have one). The slippers have all the other properties of witch clothing.
  • NEW: Brew Bag. Up to 8 stacks of throwable brews can be placed into this bag. The bag is opened by right-clicking on it while sneaking (shift key held). If this bag is used from the hot bar without sneaking, a radial menu will be shown when the mouse button is held. Pushing in the direction of a brew will select it and releasing the mouse button will throw it. Sneak with a selection to clear it. Brew bags can be dyed.
  • NEW: Some Altar-powered rites can now take an optional Bound Waystone that will direct their effects to the location in the waystone (in the same dimension!). The waystone is optional and will be consumed in the rite. The range is limited to 50 blocks plus an additional 50 blocks per coven witch in the rite.
  • NEW: Witchcraft: Symbology. A book that lists all of the effects that can be produced with the Mystic Branch, and how to perform them.
  • NEW: Book of Biomes. A book that lists all of the biomes, foci items and glowstone dust cost for use in the Rite of Shifting Seasons.
  • NEW: The Biting Belt can now store two potions and will only apply a new potion if the wearing is not under its effects already.
  • NEW: It is now possible to place a Demon Heart into the world by right-clicking with it when sneaking (shift held).
  • NEW: Demonic nightmare. Using a Brew of Sleeping near a Dream Weaver of Nightmares, a Flowing Spirit Pool and a placed Demon heart has a chance to cause a demonic nightmare. Such a nightmare has the additional problems of fiery rain and demons popping up.
  • NEW: New recipe, Demonic Blood and gravel can be used to make a block of netherrack. Expensive yes, but it has some uses.
  • NEW: Rite of the Forest - Instantly grow a forest based on a specific sapling.
  • NEW: Brew of Bats - Causes a swarm of bats to burst from the brew, stunning nearby creatures and players for a short while. Made using a Concentrated Bat Ball
  • NEW: Concentrated Bat Ball - Using this ball will throw the item a fair distance, being hit while carrying the ball will cause the player to drop it.
  • NEW: Purified Milk, bottle of milk that can be drunk with a 50% chance of removing one random status effect.
  • NEW: Charm of Fanciful Thinking. Stops the additional negative effects a nightmare's attack causes.
  • NEW: Curse of Waking Nightmare. The cursed player is haunted by their worst dreams.
  • NEW: Spear of the Huntsman. Rare weapon drop from the Horned Huntsman allowing the wielder access to some of the huntsman's abilities.
  • TWEAK: Nightmares can cause additional negative effects when they hit. Waking nightmares are weaker.
  • TWEAK: Kettle recipe for Brew of Sleeping now uses Purified Milk instead of a milk bucket.
  • TWEAK: Particle effects added as an Altar gathers power.
  • TWEAK: A copy made of a renamed Bound Waystone using the Rite of Binding will also copy the name of the original (so you can use an anvil to name the waystone "home" and then copy it).
  • TWEAK: Damage of Owls has been slightly improved to make Brew of Bodega mostly able to kill a Zombie Pigman.
  • TWEAK: Both enthralled zombies hit by a Brew of Love will now become zombie villagers.
  • TWEAK: Curse of Sinking makes the victim generally heavy.
  • TWEAK: Stupify effect from the Mystic Branch causes flying players to glide to the earth.
  • TWEAK: Using a Treefyd Seed on an existing Treefyd creates a new one with the same list of ignorable players and creatures.
  • TWEAK: After killing a Nightmare, 30 seconds will pass before a new one spawns.
  • TWEAK: Harvesting Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder from plants in the spirit world has been restricted.
  • TWEAK: Players are informed at regular intervals as their time as a ghost runs out.
  • TWEAK: Entering the Spirit World via non-standard means will result in forceful ejection back to the overworld.
  • TWEAK: Owls and Toads "speak" less frequently.
  • TWEAK: Rite of Summoning a familiar will also call familiars in a loaded chunk to the location of the rite, even if they have not been dismissed.
  • TWEAK: The Mystic Branch now has a 3d model when held.
  • TWEAK: Mystic Branch Nox effect is now cheaper at 50 power (down from 100)
  • TWEAK: Rite of Beastial Call now works over a larger area, has a minimum range and can pull two beasts at once.
  • FIX: Treefyds no longer attack sleeping players' bodies.
  • FIX: Coven Witches will do their best to avoid water.
  • FIX: Finally got MineFactory Reloaded Harvesters, Planters and Fertilizers working properly with all witchery crops and trees (hint: use Grinders on the Mandrakes).
  • FIX: Tinkers' Construct Knapsack GUI is now disabled when in the Spirit World (still possible to use the custom armor, but to change too much would probably make Tinkers' break, erring on the side of caution).
  • FIX: BetterStorage Backpacks are dropped before entering the spirit world. Drop them yourself to have a predictable drop location.
  • FIX: Hunger level is boosted when entering the Spirit World.
  • FIX: Toads have the correct height now.
  • FIX: Body of players in the Spirit World now rotates correctly when killed.
  • FIX: Added key and waystone locations and louse/biting belt potions to the tooltip instead of as a postfix to item name, so the information is not hidden when renaming the item.
  • FIX: The arms of Witches Robes did not render correctly when blocking with a sword or drinking a potion.
  • FIX: Demons incorrectly attacked anything they touched, they should only attack players and villagers or anything that attacks them).
  • FIX: Using the Squid Power with the Infernal Infusion to blind an enemy more than 14 blocks away caused a Null Reference Exception.
  • FIX: Transfer arrows in NEI (that show all recipes for a machine) for the Distillery and Spinning Wheel were getting muddled up.
  • FIX: Using multiple bound Vampiric Poppets simultaneously could lead to the first being found repreatedly when the victim of the poppet dies under specific circumstances.
  • FIX: Mystic Branch nox effect more correctly drops broken lamp items.
  • FIX: Harvesting Trapped Plants always dropped web-based plants instead of the correct plant.



Released on February 24, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.


Released on February 23, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Brew of Sleeping - Drink to enter the Spirit World, your physical sleeping form stays behind (along with most of your gear! Icy Needles can pass the world boundaries!). Extremely high chance of having a nightmare when using this Brew.
  • NEW: Apple of Sleeping - Eat to enter the Spirit World, will always cause a nightmare!
  • NEW: Spirit World Dimension - Almost identical to the overworld. If any player in the dimension is experiencing a nightmare it will be night time, otherwise it will be daytime. Players experiencing a nightmare will be chased by their Nightmare. Dying in the Spirit World causes the player to wake up in the Overworld. Using an Icy Needle will also cause a player to return to the overworld. Circle Magic does not work in the Spirit World.
  • NEW: Nightmare Mob - Chases players in the Spirit World who are having a nightmare. Fast and Hard to kill, run! Drops Mellifluous Hunger, a substance that can be transported back to the Overworld.
  • NEW: Wispy Cotton - Found in the Spirit World, can be picked as either Wispy Cotton or Disturbed Cotton depending on if anyone in the Spirit World is experiencing a nightmare. Both types of cotton can return with the player when they wake up! The cotton is used to make Fanciful Thread and Tormented Twine used in the manufacture of Dream Weavers.
  • NEW: Brew of Flowing Spirit - Flowing spirit flows where the potion lands, flowing spirit can be picked up in a bucket. Flowing spirit has a mild regen effect for players standing in it. Undead and demons are weakened when standing in it. Nightmares cannot become invulnerable when standing in it. Flowing Spirit activates Spirit Portals. Can only be brewed in the Spirit World. Can be transported back to the Overworld as long as it remains in its original glass bottle.
  • NEW: Spirit Portal, created using snow blocks surrounded a 2x2 empty area. Activated using Flowing Spirit on. Can only be created in the Spirit World. Players who have used the Rite of Manifestation on themselves can pass though these Portals into the overworld at the same location and appear as ghosts. Only Icy needles can pass though with them! Use an icy needle to return to the Spirit World (or after the effect of the Rite of Manifestation expire). When a manifested players time runs out, or uses a needle anything they are holding (except icy needles) WILL BE DROPPED!
  • NEW: Rite of Manifestation. Allows players in the circle to manifest though Spirit Portals for a total of 2.5 Minutes (+25 secs per coven member). Requires Mellifluous Hunger.
  • NEW: Spinning Wheel. Machine (requires Altar power) that turns materials into threads. Used to produce the threads for dream weavers and witches clothing. Can also be used to create cobwebs from string.
  • NEW: Brew of Wasting. Instantly breaks leaves blocks in the area of effect (causing drops if they have them). Monsters hit will be withered. Players hit will experience hunger problems.
  • NEW: Dream Weaver of Intensity. Boosts the effects of nearby dream weavers, Digging and Speed increases the effect (and slightly reduces the duration). Fasting extends the duration from (4 mins to 6 mins). Also adds a very short night vision/blindness effect.
  • NEW: Biting Belt. Craft with a portion to apply that effect one time when hit (same behavior as the Parasytic Louse). Worn as leg armor, has the same protection as leather. Can be died. Can be repaired in anvil or with Impregnated Leather.
  • TWEAK: Using a taglock on a Treefyd for Villagers or vanilla farm animals (sheep, pigs, etc.) will make the Treefyd ignore all creatures of that type instead of just that one instance.
  • TWEAK: Default duration of Dream Weaver of Fasting reduced to four minutes.
  • TWEAK: Added support for MineFactory Reloaded Planters for Witchery saplings and crops.
  • TWEAK: Witches Hat, Witches Robes, Necromancer Robes and Icy Slippers now use Golden Thread in their recipes.
  • TWEAK: Dream Weaver of Nightmares now uses Tormented Twine instead of String in its recipe.
  • TWEAK: Dream Weaver of Fleet Foot and Dream Weaver of Iron Arm now use Fanciful Thread and Tormented Twine instead of String in their recipes.
  • TWEAK: Dream Weaver of Fasting now uses Fanciful Thread, Tormented Twine and Mellifluous Hunger in its recipe instead of string and potion of harming.
  • TWEAK: Dream Weaver of Nightmares now applies a weakness debuff instead of confusion. Two nightmare weavers still cause blindness.
  • TWEAK: New config file setting to control the number of players that must be asleep for a Dream Weaver buff to be applied (prior versions required all players to sleep which is not necessarily the case when using the Morpheus mod).
  • TWEAK: Added support for Altars to draw power from flowers and crops from other mods.
  • TWEAK: Rite of Protection circles are 1 block wider so that they enclose the ritual glyphs to prevent leaving a gap for small creatures to run under. The barriers also remove replaceable blocks like grass and snow.
  • FIX: Placing an Arthana on an Altar was not being rendered correctly in Fast Graphics mode.
  • FIX: A distillery, Rites of Protection and Rite of Recharging were not rechecking the range to the closest Altar when an Arthana was added or removed, requiring them to be replaced/restarted to apply the effect.
  • FIX: The Polynesia Charm should not work on a Coven Witch.
  • FIX: Curses and Counter-curses were not refunding foci items if the target player was not logged in.
  • FIX: Rite of Shifting Seasons was not syncing some client-side tile entities with the server-side data following the biome re-sync.
  • FIX: Altars and Void Brambles cannot now be moved by the Rite of Moving Earth due to this requiring way too much state management to get right, this fixes the bug where earth would not raise more than one block if an Altar was in the circle and that an altar split in half by the rite would lead to a null reference exception when used.
  • FIX: Rite of Shifting Seasons did not recognize the skull item necessary to perform biome transformation to type magical biome.



Released on February 2, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Mob - Coven Witch, found in forests, swamps, Villages, Shacks and/or Circles. Non-hostile unless attacked. Can be interacted with.
  • NEW: Village building - Witch Hovel
  • NEW: Covens - Recruit coven witches to your coven by interacting with them to gain a quest (generally fight or fetch/crafting quests). Complete the quest and the witch will join you. Witches will only offer quests if a certain level of witchcraft has been achieved (do you have a familiar yet?). Covens can include up to 6 additional witches. Covens members can be called on for assistance in a fight, used to enhance circle magic, or used to perform very powerful rites.
  • NEW: Seer Stone - Call a member of your coven for aid or use on a Circle glyph to call your entire coven to enhance the ritual. Coven members can die so be careful when calling for aid! Use on another player within 3 blocks to get a report of which curses are currently afflicting them.
  • NEW: Many Rites are now more powerful if started holding a Seer Stone and there are members in a player's coven. The more coven members, the more powerful the circle magic.
  • NEW: Rite of Shifting Seasons - Change the biome across a wide area. Needs a coven of at least 4 additional witches.
  • NEW: Rite of Icy Expansion - Create a huge hollow bubble of ice (filled with air!). Needs a coven of at least 2 additional witches.
  • NEW: Curse of Overheating - When in very hot biomes, the victim has a chance of catching fire for a short duration depending on the level of the curse.
  • NEW: Curse of Raining Toads - It starts raining toads that explode in a poison cloud.
  • NEW: Rite of Glyphic Transformation - Change the color of your circles
  • NEW: Rite of Beastial Call - Transpose animals from a wide are to the location of the rite. Needs a coven of 3 or more.
  • NEW: Grasspers can be used to hold objects used in Circle Magic rites.
  • TWEAK: Brew of Love now works on two enthralled zombies (either raised with a brew of raising or via the Infernal Infusion power), creating a baby zombie and turning one of the parents into a zombie villager. Beware, the baby will not be enthralled! Creating zombie villagers in this way is a mechanism to create villages if combined with a Rite of Fertility.
  • TWEAK: Higher levels of the Curse of Insanity will cause the victim to hear strange noises.
  • TWEAK: Abandoned Shacks might be occupied with a Coven Witch.
  • TWEAK: Rowan and Alder Wood Doors are now just crafted like normal doors with the appropriate wood instead of requiring a fume.
  • TWEAK: Aborting a rite that is still consuming items will refund them.
  • TWEAK: Predictions indicating the discovery of ores will now generate under other circumstances if they have not been triggered for a long period.
  • FIX: Owls spawned with a limited time-to-live (Brew of Bodega, etc.) will not drop anything on death.
  • FIX: Changed the tracking rate of some mobs to *hopefully* stop them glitching though terrain.
  • FIX: Rowan, Alder and Hawthorn single slabs can again be crafted using the normal slap recipe, instead of always making oak slabs.
  • FIX: Index out of bounds error could occur when viewing a specific (as yet unknown) recipe from (probably) another mod, involving Witchery Leaves Blocks.
  • FIX: Thrown Quicklime had half the potion icon embedded in its icon.
  • FIX: Some predictions were not waiting long enough for fulfillment.
  • FIX: The Statue of The Goddess did not cure the Curse of Sinking.



Released on January 19, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Upgraded to Minecraft Forge
  • NEW: Placing an Arthana (right-click) on an Altar will double the range of the altar from around 14 blocks to 28 blocks.
  • TWEAK: Recipe for Statue of The Goddess is disabled by default (can be enabled in the config file if a server admin wants this).
  • TWEAK: Recipe for Void Bramble is disabled by default (can be enabled in the config file if a server admin wants this).
  • TWEAK: Baba Yaga likes turning certain types of player minions into spiders!
  • TWEAK: Added Chinese, German and Russian and translations for the 0.13 features.
  • FIX: Reading another players fortune was not always picking the closest other player when two other players were nearby.
  • FIX: Performance of Rite of Protection has been significantly improved.
  • FIX: Performance issue when a player stands in a Blood Rose.


Released on January 12, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Crystal Ball, look into your or another player's future. Scry the area around the crystal ball. Look through the eyes of a nearby creature or player.
  • NEW: Wild Bramble, a cactus that you can walk though, hard to break, if you do break it with anything other than a gold axe it will spread to nearby blocks.
  • NEW: Blood Rose, a rose-like plant that collects taglocks from any player that walk over it. Use a taglock kit to recover the taglock.
  • NEW: Curse of Sinking, a mild curse that causes the victim to sink faster and take longer to swim up.
  • NEW: Mob Baba Yaga (and her sisters). Hard to beat.
  • TWEAK: You can now use Demonic Blood directly on a Wicker Bundle that has been placed in the world, to make Bloodied Wicker Bundles of it and up to four adjacent (diagonally too) bundles if they are not already bloodied.
  • TWEAK: Rite of Broiling now has a portable version that uses a charged attuned stone and blaze powder instead of Altar power and coal. This version will burn a bit more though.
  • TWEAK: Infusing items with a Rite of Infusion has a few more particle effects.
  • TWEAK: improved the look of Ent's leaves a bit.
  • FIX: Owls did not seem to want to fly though open doors.
  • FIX: It was not possible to use a Polynesia Charm on an owl, toad or cat familiar.
  • FIX: Demonic Blood had no Thaumcraft 4 aspects associated with it.
  • FIX: Invalid cast exception occurred when a mob holding an item attacked an Ent.
  • FIX: Null reference exception when clicking on a tamed owl with an empty hand (introduced in 0.12.1).
  • FIX: Part of the altar distance algorithm was derped.
  • FIX: Removed use of the forge FakePlayerFactory API since it can lead to world leaks.
  • FIX: Owls were dropping feathers with an incorrect metadata value (1 instead of 0).
  • FIX: The recipe for a Critter Snare did not work if the saplings had entered their stage two growth step (it changes their metadata which the recipe did not expect).



Released on January 5, 2014 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Added Russian language translations, special thanks to ZigTheHedge for this!
  • TWEAK: Owls and [Toad (Witchery)|Toad]]s will no longer despawn (after some minutes) if not tamed.
  • TWEAK: Babies produced from tamed Owls and Toads will not automatically be tame. This allows untamed animals to be produced without the need for more mutation (because only untamed animals can roam).
  • TWEAK: Changed the alpha blending mechanism for screen overlays slightly.
  • FIX: Fixed a Minecraft 1.6.2 crashing issue when an Apothecary's Shop is generated (this only happens in 1.6.2).
  • FIX: Worked around an issue with Ents, where a specific combination of mods can cause a client-side crash when the Ent is spawned (not sure what the mod is that causes the problem though).
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where familiars may teleport partially into solid blocks.
  • FIX: Critter Snare could cause a missing method exception leading to a server crash.
  • FIX: Sitting position for Enchanted Broom has been adjusted to be more compatible with mods like morph.
  • FIX: Nether Portals were sometimes appearing when using a Rite of Transposition to teleport between the Twilight Forest and the Overworld (or vice versa).
  • FIX: Using a name tag on a toad, owl or cat familiar was causing it to sit instead of naming it.


Released on December 28, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Grassper plant, a simple plant into which a single object can be placed, by using the object on the plant. Using the plant a second time will cause it to drop the object. The Grassper plant is used in various mutation recipes to hold items used in the mutation.
  • NEW: Critter Snare plant. Traps small creatures such as silverfish, bats and small slimes that move into it. Creature can be released by right-clicking on the snare. Snare can be broken and moved with the creature still in it.
  • NEW: New mob, the Owl. Can be tamed. Needs to be mutated from other animals since it does not spawn naturally.
  • NEW: New mob, the Toad. Can be tamed. Needs to be mutated from other animals since it does not spawn naturally.
  • NEW: New mob, the Parasytic Louse. Needs to be mutated from other animals since it does not spawn naturally. Can be picked up. Can be crafted with a potion and will deliver that potion effect to whomever it bites. If placed on the hot bar, it will bite the player if they are hit by a mob or player.
  • NEW: Familiars. A tamed cat, owl or toad can be bound as a familiar by performing a Rite of Binding where both the tamed animal and the tamer of that animal stand in the circle. Each familiars also grants a passive benefit and the ability to create a unique brew. A small amount of damage is redirected from a player to their familiar, if the familiar dies (they can be resummoned) so does the player
  • NEW: Owl familiars allow strafing and fast deceleration when riding a broom.
  • NEW: Cat familiars allow curses and curse cures to be more powerful.
  • NEW: Toad familiars grant a 5% bonus to the chance of a second brew being produced and they increase the effectiveness of many brews when thrown.
  • NEW: Brew of Cursed Leaping, causes all creatures in the area of effect to leap high into the air, those which survive the fall will have a short jump buff afterwards. Only witches and warlocks with a cat familiar may brew this recipe.
  • NEW: Brew of Bodega, causes a flock of owls to descend on the hit creature and start attacking it. Only witches and warlocks with an owl familiar may brew this recipe.
  • NEW: Brew of Frog's Tongue, causes all creatures in the area of effect to be pulled towards the thrower. Only witches and warlocks with a toad familiar may brew this recipe.
  • NEW: Brew of Infection, causes stone, cobble stone and stone bricks to be infected with a silverfish. Causes a villager to mutate to a zombie. Causes other creatures to become motionless for a short while as they clean the worms off themselves.
  • NEW: Ender Bramble, the ender bramble will causes any creature that touches it to be teleported to a random point within 500 blocks. The Ender Bramble is a weaker variation of the Void Bramble.
  • NEW: The bristles of an Enchanted Broom can now be dyed to an extent by using a Dye on the broom when it is placed in the world.
  • NEW: Using the taglock of another player or creature on an owned Treefyd will cause the Treefyd to ignore that entity. Using a taglock from the same creature a second time while sneaking (holding shift) will cause the Treefyd to attack the entity again. Interacting with an owned Treefyd will show a list of which players and creatures it is currently ignoring.
  • NEW: Curse of Corrupt Poppet. This curse will initially cause Voodoo Protection Poppets of the Taglocked entity to be overloaded and destroyed, opening the way for a follow-up curse. This curse can only be cast by players with a Cat Familiar.
  • NEW: Poppet Protection Poppet. Protects the Voodoo Protection Poppets of the taglocked player from the Curse of Corrupt Poppet in much the same way as a Voodoo protection poppet protects against voodoo.
  • TWEAK: There is a config option to control if the Curse of Hell on Earth performed by a with with a Cat Familiar can start fires. WARNING: This can cause a server to massively lag if fire spread is not sensibly set.
  • TWEAK: Brew of Vines will now climb or descend step formations in rock walls so long as they do not move back more than one block per block risen.
  • TWEAK: Brew of Vines will now tunnel though leaves, allowing an easy way to ascend most trees.
  • TWEAK: Damage from a Brew of Erosion to a mob has been reduced by two points when no toad familiar is bound.
  • TWEAK: Height of a Brew of Thorns cactus (when not surrounding a mob) has been reduced to three blocks (from 4) when no toad familiar is bound. The variations when surrounding a mob is increased to 2 blocks high when a toad familiar is bound.
  • TWEAK: Two undamaged Voodoo Protection Poppets are required to defend against a Curse of Blight or Curse of Blindness.
  • TWEAK: An undamaged Voodoo Protection Poppet is required to defend against a Curse of Misfortune or Insanity cast by a player with a cat familiar.
  • TWEAK: The Recipe for Void Bramble has be changed to use Ender Bramble and two nether stars.
  • TWEAK: There is now a configuration option to disable the recipe for Void Bramble so that server admins can limit its use to creative mode only (seeing as how it is really a way to create circle magic free zones).
  • TWEAK: The Rite of Charging for infusions now drains more Altar power per second (40/s up from 1/s). This means to have perpetual recharge, the altar must have at least x4 recharge rate (e.g. Candelabra and skull).
  • TWEAK: The Ent now looks a bit more angry when he is aggro-ed.
  • TWEAK: Added a short cooldown to some teleportation abilities (witch hand based) in order to prevent a chunk saving glitch if you have a tamed animal and the player rapidly travels across the landscape, multiple times per second.
  • TWEAK: Left-clicking a glyph block while holding a broom or enchanted broom will instantly destroy the block.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where using a Circle Talisman on a LongGrass block from Biomes O' Plenty was causing an unhandled exception, leading ultimately to a server crash.
  • FIX: Recipes involving Mutandis and food have been changed to Shapeless Recipes.
  • FIX: Added a couple of recipes for dream catchers so that alternate ways of creating splash potions (that result in different meta data values) are supported



Released on December 9, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • FIX: Added the remaining missing German language translations.
  • FIX: Added a pack.mcmeta file to the mod to avoid a "warning" in the log.
  • FIX: Worked around an issue where Minecraft may not correctly invalidate a TileEntity leading to Void Brambles remaining registered even though they were removed.
  • FIX: Thunder storms in deserts are now detected, so that Curses may be performed in desert biomes.
  • FIX: Key binding the jump or movement keys to a mouse button now no longer causes an index out-of-range exception and subsequent client-side crash.
  • FIX: Using a Mystic Branch while having the Infernal Infusion speed power active no longer causes super speed to occur.
  • FIX: Stopping a server immediately after casting a Mystic Branch effect no longer causes the projectile to float in the air forever.
  • FIX: Ice blocks that surround creatures after throwing a Brew of Frost are wider; significantly decreasing the probability a mob can glitch though the ice.


Released on December 3, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: The Cave Inimicum Mystic Branch effect now also fortifies wooden doors to iron doors.
  • FIX: Using Defodio Mystic Branch effect on a Lux Capacitor block placed by the Modular Powersuits mod causes an index out of range exception (and subsequent crash).
  • FIX: Defodio Mystic Branch effect is now limited to obvious digging related blocks.
  • FIX: An index out of range exception was occurring when using Witchery Logs in a particular crafting recipe. Unfortunately I do not know which recipe or why it was requesting the data it was, but this fix will stop the crash!
  • FIX: Colloportus Mystic Branch effect was upgrading a door to a locked door and then breaking the block. Now the door stays where it is supposed to. Without a key the only way to open the door now is with the Alohomora effect.
  • FIX: Infusion of Light air prison (left-click on mob effect) was leaving holes in the floor of the prison.


Released on November 30, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Statue of The Goddess - Block that when activated will cure any curse on a player. This is a *very* expensive block to craft (and the recipe can be disabled in the config file). This is intended as a way for server operators to provide a way for cursed players to find a cure at a designated location in the world, if they so desire.
  • NEW: Curse of Insanity - When this Rite is used on a player, they will begin seeing imaginary monsters everywhere they go! What is real what is fake... Can be cured by a Rite of Remove Curse or using a Statue of The Goddess.
  • NEW: Rowan Keyring - Add Rowan Door Keys to open any doors associated with their keys (no more inventory bloat!). Crafted initially from two Rowan door keys. Craft together with yet another Rowan Door Key to add it to the keyring. There is no limit to how many keys can be added (craft one at a time though).
  • NEW: Increased movement speed (to something near normal) when using the Mystic Branch and a symbol is-being/has-been drawn.
  • NEW: Abandoned Shack chests have a chance to contain a spruce sapling. This provides an alternative path for players who are unable to locate a Spruce tree, much like a village apothecary shop contains a cactus plant.
  • NEW: Witchery world gen will occur in the Twilight Forest. This can be disabled in the config file.
  • NEW: Crafting a bone with two Wood Ash will now yield 4 bonemeal, add wood ash in multiples of two to increase bonemeal yield by one.
  • NEW: Craft a poisonous potato with a normal potato and a spiders eye to create two poisonous potatoes. Always keep one aside to use as a catalyst!
  • NEW: Fir trees from Biomes O' Plenty can now be burnt in the Witches Oven to produce Hint of Rebirth.
  • NEW: Forestry versions of the vanilla saplings (Silver Birch, Apple Oak and Red Spruce) can now be burnt in the Witches Oven to produce the expected fume (Breath of the Goddess, Exhale of the Horned One and Hint of Rebirth). This may not work in all cases depending on how cross-bred the sapling is!
  • FIX: Rowan Door Keys now correctly store the dimension they work in.
  • FIX: Worldgen shuffle algorithm was skipping Wicker-Men most of the time.
  • FIX: Altar did not recognize Glint Weed or Snowbells as power sources.
  • FIX: Mystic Branch effects: Aguamenti and Incendio were picking the incorrect block to spawn on when hitting the side of a block.
  • FIX: Infernal Infusion creeper power now respects the mob griefing game setting.
  • FIX: The current page of witchery books was sometimes not being updated on the server when the book was closed. This may still happen if the packet is not received before a book is dropped!
  • FIX: Witchery books that show potions for ingredients will now also show the potency and duration of that potion (e.g. Potion of Swiftness (8:00) or Potion of Harming II).


Released on November 25, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Mob Ent, spawns sometimes when witchery trees are felled. Drops saplings and Ent Twigs. Causes things to grow wherever it walks.
  • NEW: Kettle recipe for Mystic Unguent, ingredient for infusion.
  • NEW: Mystic Branch created with a Rite of Infusion using Mystic Unguent and an Ent Twig. A Mystic Branch allows an infused player to draw symbols in the air to produce magical effects. Effects generated by the Branch may be deflected with another branch by attacking (much like a ghast fireball). Some effects cannot be deflected and some effect require a specific infusion to be drawn.
  • NEW: Curse of Misfortune. Circle magic to inflict random ailments on the victim who's Taglock Kit was used. The maladies are random and come and go. They can get worse if a remove curse goes wrong. An Anti-Voodoo poppet is the best protection.
  • NEW: Rite of Remove Curse. Circle magic to remove a curse from a player suffering from a curse of Misfortune. There is a chance the cure will make things worse (this chance is higher if the curse is stronger).
  • NEW: Mutating Sprig. Crafted from an Ent Twig and Mutandis Extremis. Can convert grass to mycellium and back and turn wet dirt to clay. Can also be used to create plant constructions with an appropriate recipe (e.g. the Leech Chest).
  • NEW: Leech Chest. A plant mutated into a chest. Behaves like a trapped chest but cannot be doubled. The chest will take a small drop of blood from whoever opens it, and keep it in one of it's three sacs. It will only store one sample per player. Using a Taglock Kit on the chest will allow any samples to be recovered with the exception of the using player's (only when that player is logged in however). The blood sacs' contents will survive the chest being broken and replaced. This all means, if another player steals from the chest, there will be a finger print left behind. This finger print can also be used to bot identify the thief and send a nasty curse in their direction! Created by using a Mutating Sprig on a Trapped Chest that is surrounded on four sides with Vine which themselves each sit above a water source block.
  • NEW: Added a new book, Witchcraft: Herbology that describes the plants in the mod, how they grow and how to get them.
  • NEW: Rite of Broiling. Cooks any food placed into the circle when the rite is started. Some food may get overcooked and turned to charcoal.
  • TWEAK: Shift-right clicking on a bed with a Taglock Kit will now bind the kit to the clicking player (it does not matter which bed). This has been added for servers where no one ever sleeps!. Normal right-clicking will function as before to collect the bed owners taglocks.
  • TWEAK: Using a Taglock Kit on a bed will now cycle though the players who are bound to that bed (if they are logged in).
  • TWEAK: Using a Taglock Kit on another player now only has a 50/50 success chance, and the other player will notice if the attempt fails! Gaining access to their bed is now the only "risk-free" way of gaining a taglock without discovery. Using a kit on creatures still has a 100% chance of success.
  • TWEAK: Due to the conflict of interest if a Death Chest style mod is installed along with witchery, Witchery will disable the Rite of Prior Incarnation if such a mod is found. This behavior can be configured in the config file. The keep inventory rule is also checked.
  • TWEAK: A Fume Funnel can now also be placed on top of the Witches Oven to give an additional 10% speed boost.
  • TWEAK: Icy Slippers will also turn lava into obsidian when walked on. They will take damage if they do this though. And there is always a small risk of catching fire if your server is laggy!
  • TWEAK: Added icons to the Witchcraft: Circle Magic book's tabs to make identifying the sections easier.
  • TWEAK: Rite of Moving Earth once again moves tile entities within the circle. Picture frames and Item frames will get detached though (it is an earthquake after all!).
  • TWEAK: Rite of Moving Earth now respects different circle sizes (and ingredients) to determine the area of effect.
  • TWEAK: World gen distribution is configurable in the config file, and should also be significantly faster. Default 12, lower numbers for more density, higher for less.
  • TWEAK: Infernal Infusion abilities are much cheaper to use.
  • TWEAK: Added enchantment glowing effect to brews, Enchanted Broom and a few other items.
  • TWEAK: A Rite of Summoning that fails due to obstructing blocks within 4 blocks of the central glyph, now refunds foci items and sends a reason to the chat log.
  • TWEAK: Changed the Brew of Raising to summon 1-3 undead instead of 2-3.
  • TWEAK: The witchery config file now contains an entry for the Wicker-Man world gen. This entry is a list of creatures that can appear in the Wicker-Man's spawner. Add multiple in stances of the same creature to improve the chance of a specific mob appearing.
  • FIX: Added cactus as a second ingredient (plus a variable third ingredient e.g. gunpowder) for Rite of Moving Earth to avoid conflict when a medium and small circle are present.
  • FIX: Bonemeal used on Witchery trees now does not have immediate effect, and functions closer to how bonemeal on Vanilla trees works (although not as random).
  • FIX: When using bonemeal on a Witchery tree, there is no longer a chance of a client-side only phantom tree appearing.
  • FIX: NEI recipes for the Kettle now show the correct number of resulting Brews or Infusions.
  • FIX: Breaking a block on which a Chalice or Candelabra was standing, removed the chalice/candelabra block but did not drop the corresponding item.
  • FIX: Placing a Leaping Lily on a 1-deep water block, incorrectly placed it on the ground below the water.
  • FIX: Missing registration for Snowbells with Thaumcraft 4, preventing harvesting golems from doing their work!.
  • FIX: Rite of Earth's Wrath required a two deep lava pool to start, this has now been changed to allow a wider pool that is one deep.
  • FIX: Glint Weed light level was too low.
  • FIX: Placing a Treefyd Seed where it cannot grow was incorrectly consuming the seed.
  • FIX: Trying to fertilize Witchery saplings with MineFactory Reloaded machines was causing a crash (invalid cast).



Released on November 15, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Snowbell plant; grows like Belladonna, seeds found by breaking tall grass. When grown and harvested drops Snowbell seeds, Snowballs and occasionally Icy Needles.
  • NEW: Brew of Frost; Throw at a creature to encase it in ice, or throw at the ground to create a wall of ice, or throw in the water to freeze it. Some creature hit may have unexpected side effects.
  • NEW: Icy Slippers; Created from Impregnated Leather, a Frozen Heart, Diamond Vapor and String. Functions in much the same way as leather armor (they can be dyed), but will freeze any water that is nearby (essentially allowing the wearer to walk over water). The slippers can be repaired with three Impregnated Leather or by using an anvil.
  • NEW: Brew of the Depths. Breath underwater for 5 minutes, but don't expect to be able to breath on land! Milk will not clear this effect.
  • NEW: Craft a Wicker Bundle from nine saplings (of any type) (now proper wicker men can be built!)
  • NEW: Distill a Demon Heart with Diamond Vapor to get Demonic Blood
  • NEW: Craft 5 Wicker Bundles with Demonic Blood to get Bloodied Wicker Bundles (quite flammable).
  • NEW: Mob Horned Huntsman. Hard to beat.
  • NEW: Added an additional recipe for the Rite of Binding (Circle Talisman) that uses a Charged Attuned Stone and glowstone dust.
  • NEW: Changed the Rite of Broken Earth to require a Brew of Erosion instead of Soul Sand.
  • NEW: Changed the Rite of Moving Earth to require a Brew of Sprouting instead of Cactus.
  • NEW: Configuration file option in the General section to disable the Rite of Prior Incarnation.
  • NEW: Brew of Thorns thrown at a cactus will extend it vertically by 4 blocks. Thrown at a creature surrounded by cactus will extend each cactus by 1 block.
  • NEW: When a rite fails, a reason for the failure will be shown in the chat (e.g. no altar, no lava below, etc.).
  • FIX: Placing a barrier block (not possible without using pick block in creative) when having Railcraft installed caused an unhandled exception due to Railcraft empty blocks not being cleaned up and occupying the same space as the placed barrier block.
  • FIX: Disabled pick block from selecting Barrier Blocks
  • FIX: Items dropped on death when picked up still contained an empty NBTTag leading to them not being stackable with similar items (which by default has no tag).
  • FIX: Acquiring the bat creature power for the Infernal Infusion caused an exception on a server. This could have lead to a crash in some configurations (not quite sure which).
  • FIX: Using the pick tool on the following blocks did not yield the correct item: Glyphs, Chalices, Candelabra, Plant Mines, Witchery Doors.
  • FIX: Block breaking rites, brews and infusions (Erosion, Thorns, Broken Earth, Moving Earth, Earth's Wrath, Overworld infusion, etc.) will no longer break bedrock or blocks with tile entities.
  • FIX: Brew of Sprouting will stop vertical growth at y=255;
  • FIX: It was possible when decanting a brew from the kettle, that if the last decanted brew used the last glass flask and the brew could activate against the kettle that it would get used immediately.
  • FIX: Repairing witches clothing would repair the item without actually completing the craft.
  • FIX: An apparent bug caused by an interaction between Biome O' Plenty and OpenBlocks leads to a crash on start-up when the NEI integration of Witchery tries to enumerate burnable items. This exception will now just be written to the log instead of crashing the game (although the crash will probably occur elsewhere until it is fixed in OpenBlocks!).



Released on November 10, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Apothecary's Shop and villager now spawn in villages. The apothecary will sell ingredients used in the Witchery mod. Can be disabled in the config file.
  • NEW: Added a Stone Circle to world gen. This stone circle is a meeting place for witches at night time. The coven presents another opportunity to find witches. Can be disabled in the config file.
  • NEW: Added the Wicker-Man to world gen. This pagan effigy has an eerie affinity with zombies. Can be disabled in the config file.
  • NEW: Added an Abandoned Shack to world gen. Respite when checking in the wilderness. Can be disabled in the config file.
  • NEW: Increased the number of redirected hits possible with the Vampiric Poppet from 10 to 15.
  • NEW: Added configuration options to individually disable each supported mod.
  • NEW: Updated the Chinese translations to the current version.
  • FIX: The NEI Witches Oven recipes for Breath of the Goddess and Hint of Rebirth as well as Reek of Misfortune and Odour of Purity were swapped.
  • FIX: NEI links to all recipes in the Kettle, Witches Oven and Distillery GUIs were shifted up from where they should be.


Released on November 4, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Mutandis Extremis used on an underwater dirt block may turn it, and nearby blocks into clay blocks.
  • NEW: Witches Hat can now be repaired by crafting it with three Impregnated leather (normal anvil repair still works).
  • NEW: Creeper Heart. Very rare drop from a creeper, use an Arthana to increase this chance. Craft the heart to get 5 gunpowder, or eat it for an explosive surprise. Used to make Witches Robes.
  • NEW: Witches Robes can now be made using Impregnated Leather and a Creeper Heart. The robes are equivalent to a leather chest piece and can be dyed and repaired with leather in an anvil (or by crafting with four impregnated leather). Brewing while wearing the robes gives a 35% chance of gaining an additional brew in the same way as a Witches Hat does (for a combined chance of 70%). The robes will not give a bonus to necromantic brewing. While wearing the robes Creepers will not be hostile.
  • NEW: Necromancer Robes can be made by crafting impregnated leather with a necromantic stone. The robes are equivalent to a leather chest piece and can be dyed and repaired with leather in an anvil (or by crafting with four impregnated leather). Brewing necromantic brews (Brew of Raising) while wearing the robes gives a 45% chance of gaining an additional brew in the same way as a Witches Hat does (for a combined chance of 80%). While wearing the robes Undead will not be hostile.
  • NEW: Polynesia Charms can be used on Creepers or undead creatures, if used while wearing Witches Robes or Necromancer Robes respectively.
  • NEW: Glint Weed, a plant created using Mutandis on another plant. Generates light equivalent to a torch. Spreads on grass, dirt and sand. Can be broken and placed on or below most surfaces (e.g. on a ceiling).
  • NEW: Brew of Love. Splash potion that will cause all hit adult animals to begin breeding, irrespective of their current breeding cooldown. If two villagers are caught by the same potion, they too will begin courting.
  • NEW: Rite of Prior Incarnation. Perform this rite near to where a player has died. If that player is standing in the circle, any items that despawned will be recovered along with that players reanimated skeleton!
  • NEW: The book Witchcraft: Circle Magic now has tabs along the right hand side that allows quick traversal between the major magic types in the book: Binding & Charging, Transposition, Protection, Nature, Summoning, Infusion and Necromancy & Curses.



Released on November 3, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Distillery results are now laid out 2x2 so to fit correctly in the NEI window.
  • FIX: Ender Dew recipe in NEI was not showing the need for any clay jars


Released on November 3, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • FIX: Seeds with new IDs were not being dropped by breaking tall grass, only the old ids.
  • FIX: Only the unloaded version of the Circle Talisman can be scanned in Thaumcraft 4, to prevent a research exploit.


Released on November 3, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Clicking on the arrow in the NEI view for the Witches Oven, Distillery or Kettle now shows all recipes for that device.
  • FIX: NEI view for the distillery now mostly fits in the NEI window. The Distillery GUI is a bit too large to make this fit perfectly.
  • FIX: Rite of Nature's Power now converts gravel to grass and will check if an item can be planted on a surface before it is planted. Also added a particle effect.
  • FIX: Shrunk the funnel on the Witches Oven so that it fits in the inventory and does not have the rendering and clipping glitches because it is outside a normal block size.
  • FIX: Added a few missing mappings for block and item Thaumcraft 4 Aspects.


Released on November 3, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • FIX: Circle magic was not being nullified correctly (incorrectly deleted a return statement :()


Released on November 2, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Thaumcraft 4 Fire Bats and other mod bats can drop Wool of Bat.
  • NEW: Water Artichoke Seeds, Belladonna Seeds and Mandrake Seeds have been given a new item ID. The old seeds are still present (now prefixed with "stale") and all behave the same way. Only the new seeds can be replanted by Thaumcraft 4 Golems however. All plants only drop the new seed IDs.
  • NEW: If a Rite is aborted either due to no power or accidentally picking up one of the foci, all consumed foci will be returned.
  • NEW: Sided Inventory logic has been improved/added to the Witches Oven, Distillery and Kettle allow automation using Thaumcraft 4 Golems and Buildcraft Transport Pipes. The kettle must be full of glass bottles in order to automatically extract brews. Bottles can be filled either by throwing them in or by pumping/using a golem. Filling the kettle with bottles is not needed to use the kettle by hand.
  • NEW: Thaumcraft aspects and been assigned to all Witchery blocks, items and entities. Special thanks to SoundLogic on the Minecraft Forums for all the work done on this!
  • NEW: Treecapitator mod is supported for Witchery trees.
  • NEW: Added support for Forestry Multi-Farms for Witchery crops and saplings.
  • NEW: Added support for MineFactory Reloaded Planters/Fertilizers for Witchery crops and saplings.
  • NEW: Added NEI support for recipes requiring the Witches Oven, Distillery or Kettle.
  • NEW: Changed how brews are decanted from the kettle, now one empty bottle must be used per brew extracted up to the number or potions each brew produces (e.g. three for Brew of Webs, one for Redstone Soup, etc.)
  • NEW: The Witches Hat now gives a 35% chance of getting an additional brew when decanting a brew (if the brew supports the hat bonus, of course). For example, each decanting of a Brew of Webs (3 results per brew) has the 35% chance of an extra brew.
  • NEW: Rite of Nature's Power, brings nature to the area around the circle, growing trees and plants, converting sand and stone to grass.
  • NEW: Void Bramble, negate Circle Magic within 32 blocks of them. Causes a random teleport (up to 500 blocks away) if walked into. Can only be removed by the player who placed them. Very expensive to craft.
  • NEW: Added a sound effect when a player jumps on a leaping lily.
  • NEW: Chinese Translation (zh_CN) (special thanks to crafteverywhere on the Minecraft Forums for all the work on this!)
  • NEW: German Translation (de_DE) (special thanks to Galxis on the Minecraft Forums for all the work on this!)
  • FIX: It was not possible to plant Water Artichoke Seeds while holding the mouse button constantly down, without breaking some already planted seeds.
  • FIX: Leaping Lillies planted on water sometimes were destroyed for no good reason.
  • FIX: Treefyd name was missing from Killed-by messages
  • FIX: Circle Talismans would lose their contents if placement failed due to not enough space.


Released on October 27, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Polynesia Charm, allows you to talk (i.e. trade) with animals (and docile spiders).
  • NEW: Devils Tongue Charm, makes bargaining with demons a little safer (and may reduce the prices a bit, too). This is an upgrade of the Polynesia Charm.
  • NEW: Brew of the Grotesque, for 60 seconds when drunk, makes the player look so horrible that creatures fear to get too close. Does not work on witches, demons, Withers, Golems and Dragons. Remember that skeletons do not need to get close!
  • NEW: Block Fume Funnel, place up to two of these on the sides of a Witches Oven to improve cooking rate by 10% for each funnel and improve chance of a fume being produced by 25% for each funnel. A fully upgraded oven would therefore cook at 130% (compared to a furnace) and produce fumes with a 80% chance.
  • NEW: Fume Funnel can be upgraded to a Filtered Fume Funnel using a Fume Filter. The Filtered Fume Funnel has a 35% additional chance of producing a fume. A witches oven using two of these will have a 90% chance to produce a fume.
  • NEW: Witches Hat, basically the same a leather armor, but will yield one additional brew when worn while brewing (Redstone Soup will not get the bonus however). It can also become invisible if the player does. Can also be dyed.
  • NEW: The Enchanted Broom will not quickly stop and descend when the player dismounts. The broom no longer accelerates when ascending or descending, making control a little easier.
  • NEW: Distill Blaze Powder with Gunpowder to get 2x Glowstone Dust and Reek of Misfortune.
  • NEW: Changed Soft Clay Jar recipe to use 4 clay (and get four jars) to avoid a conflict with the Agriculture mod recipe for Clay Bowls.
  • FIX: Removed a case that was being written to the log file where an Ore Dictionary registered sapling was not available for use as a block.
  • FIX: Placing a Treefyd Seed on an dirt block with an open door above it would destroy the door.



Released on October 22, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Chalk will now overwrite a glyph written with another type of chalk (with the exception of golden chalk)
  • FIX: Treefyds were despawning after some time.
  • FIX: Some text (especially in books) was not shown when playing Minecraft in a language other than US English.


Released on October 20, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Infusion recipes for Ghost of the Light, Spirit of Otherwhere, Soul of the World and Infernal Animus now yield two results instead of one, allowing one to be kept in reserve should the player wish to change back once.
  • NEW: Added the mods trees to the Forge Ore Dictionary.
  • NEW: The Altar now uses the Forge ore dictionary to find trees and such from other mods to determine power.
  • NEW: The Wood Ash recipe now uses the Forge ore dictionary to allow saplings from other mods to be smelted to wood ash. To disable this feature, check the option in the Witchery config file in the section General.
  • NEW: Dog-like animals from other mods now have a chance to drop Tongue of Dog.
  • NEW: A setting in the Witchery config file allows configuration if the infusion GUI is on the left or right of the screen.
  • NEW: Rowan wood door now uses Whiff of Magic in place of one of the wood blocks.
  • NEW: Alder wood door now uses Reek of Misfortune in place of one of the wood blocks.
  • NEW: Infusion of Light can now generate a bridge of light when Shift-right-clicking on the side face of a block with 16 blocks.
  • NEW: The Infusion of Light will now perform its encase-in-hard-light feature when Shift-right-clicking on a mob within 16 blocks.
  • NEW: The Infusion of Light will now throw a mob into the air and encase them in hard-light when the mob is left-clicked on at close range.
  • NEW: The Infusion of Light will not slow the user much when invisible any more.
  • NEW: The Infusion of Light abilities are cheaper.
  • NEW: The Infusion of the Overworld abilities are cheaper.
  • FIX: The Infusion of the Overworld now correctly generates a shockwave when not holding the sneak key.
  • FIX: The Infusion of the Overworld now correctly only raises columns when the sneak key is not held.
  • FIX: Client-side performance problem with the Distillery that was causing redraw delays when nearby, has been fixed.


Released on October 18, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: When an Enchanted Broom has been renamed with an Anvil, that name will be applied to the Broom when placed in the world and also to the item when said broom is broken again. Nimbus 2000 or Firebolt anyone?
  • NEW: New block the Alluring Skull. Place in the world and activate by using a Necromantic Stone on it to attract undead in a wide area. Once started will keep going until deactivated with a Necromantic Stone. The block can only be broken when deactivated with the stone.
  • NEW: New mob the Treefyd (what a walking plant?). Create a seed and plant it to spawn this mob. Will not attack the player who planted it but will attack everything else that is not a Treefyd.
  • NEW: Rite of Transposition for Taglocked Creatures and players now uses Ender Dew instead of an Ender Pearl; making it much cheaper.
  • NEW: Rite of Transposition for Iron Ore now requires Diamond Vapor and Blaze Powder instead of Redstone; making it much more expensive.
  • NEW: Base recharge rate of Altar is now 10 power per second.
  • NEW: Power drain of the Distillery and Rite of Sanctity and Rite of Imprisonment has increased requiring at least one recharge rate upgrade to an Altar to prevent running out of power. Power drain of a Rite of Protection has increased, requiring two recharge upgrades to prevent eventually running out of power.
  • NEW: An Arthana enchanted with Looting now significantly improves the drop chance for mod ingredients and mob heads.
  • NEW: Added portable variations of the Rite of Binding of a Waystone that use a Charged Attuned Stone instead of Altar power.
  • FIX: Rite of Banishing used without an Altar was always failing.
  • FIX: In game name of Golden Chalk was still being called Heart Chalk, now it is correctly named.
  • FIX: When killed by a Demons running on a server, the killed-by text now correctly says Demon (or the demon's name if a Name Tag has been used) instead of the localization string.
  • FIX: In Fast Graphics mode the rotating poppets on the Poppet Shelf were only being rendered on one side; the poppets will now no longer rotate in Fast Graphics mode, but rather behave like all other fast graphics items (always facing the player). In Fancy Graphics mode the poppets will still rotate.
  • FIX: The bottom of a complete Altar was colored red, now it is stone.
  • FIX: Moving enthralled entities created via Brew of Raising or Infernal Infusion was not working if they were above or below the player.
  • FIX: A Taglock Kit can now be used on either of the two blocks of a player's bed, instead of only the head part. Remember, the player must be logged into the server for this to work!
  • FIX: Fixed a crash that occurred while playing on a server when diving underwater with a bound Voodoo Poppet.
  • FIX: Resolved a possible conflict with other mods with synching client and server entities (could be the cause of Luggage entity glitch from the OpenBlocks mod when NEI is also installed, although seems unrelated).
  • FIX: Workaround for a crashing bug caused by the DartCraft mod that occurs when the Altar GUI is shown and you have a Force Pack in your inventory. (DartCraft Force Pack code does not test for zero sized inventories).
  • FIX: Workaround for a crashing bug caused by the CraftBucket mod that occurs when placing any Witchery block with a TileEntity that contains a GUI. (CraftBucket reflection code does not handle client-side only nested classes).
  • FIX: Mandrake creatures were occasionally leaving ghosts of themselves when first appearing.
  • FIX: Breaking a Chalice (Filled) was dropping an empty Chalice (the same issue was present with the Candelabra, though it has no state and therefore was not apparent).



Released on October 13, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Throwing Quicklime at a creature or player causes a few seconds of blindness and a tiny bit of damage. Throwing at slimes and magma cubes does somewhat more damage.
  • NEW: A Spectral Familiar will now change color slightly when searching for ores.
  • NEW: A Spectral Familiar will now write a message to the chat when it has found something.
  • NEW: Demons use larger fireballs.
  • NEW: The inner area (in four block radius) in a Rite of Summoning must be completely clear of obstructive blocks to a height of four blocks.
  • NEW: A damaged Arthana can now be used in rites.
  • NEW: New crop Water Artichoke; seeds found by breaking Tall Grass; grows like wheat, but on water; yields Water Artichoke Globe.
  • NEW: New ingredient Water Artichoke Globe, used in some recipes, when eaten will fully restore hunger but cause hunger effect to remove all drumsticks it has given.
  • NEW: Water Protection Poppet is now crafted with Water Artichoke instead of Water Bottles.
  • NEW: Otherwhere Chalk recipe now uses Water Artichoke Globes instead of Belladonna Seeds.
  • NEW: New plant Ember Moss created by using Mutandis on another plant. Ember Moss must be harvested with Shears and it will spread if left on grass, dirt or sand (can be placed on most surfaces though). Ember Moss will set entities on fire when walked over.
  • NEW: Fire Protection Poppet now is crafted with Ember Moss instead of Torches.
  • NEW: Infernal Chalk recipe now needs Ember Moss instead of Glowstone Dust.
  • NEW: Poppet recipe now needs two Spanish Moss instead of one.
  • NEW: Mutandis Extremis has a chance of mutating grass to Mycelium and vice versa.
  • FIX: Using a single Taglock Kit on a creature or bed no longer moves it out of the players hand.
  • FIX: The probability of a Spectral Familiar vanishing on a second search has been lowered slightly.
  • FIX: A Demon accepting gold for a Demon Heart will now required significantly more.
  • FIX: A Demon will now correctly remember its offers between game restarts.
  • FIX: The drop rates for Wool of Bat and Tongue of Dog have been improved slightly when killed normally, and have been raised significantly when using an Arthana.
  • FIX: Creatures walking over glyphs had a tendency to start jumping.
  • FIX: Merging an undamaged chalk stack with a damaged stack via shift-click was being allowed. Now the undamaged stack is moved to the inventory without being merged.
  • FIX: Using chalk from a multi-item stack was incorrectly reducing the stack size when split.
  • FIX: It was possible to add multiple chalices to an altar and get benefits from each.
  • FIX: A Demon's bounding box is now not so wide.



Released on October 11, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: The Rite of Summoning can now be used to summon a Witch (most likely she was sucked into hell when a demon summoning went wrong!). This allows the acquisition of a Witches Hand without having to find a witches hut.
  • NEW: Infusion of Otherwhere now outputs chat messages to give more feedback about usage, in addition to the audio hints.
  • NEW: Rite of Charging now only requires small and medium white circles, making it much easier to set up.
  • NEW: The order of rites in the book Witchcraft: Circle Magic has been changed to put the newer rites in more relevant places.
  • NEW: Summoning Demons and Withers without a sacrifice now requires an additional uncharged Attuned Stone which will be consumed in the summoning.
  • FIX: Poppets were not correctly considering armor and potion resistance when determining death.
  • FIX: Demons were not attacking players when summoned.
  • FIX: Collision bounds on demons improved.
  • FIX: Rite of Summoning was not summoning mobs in the middle of the block.


Released on October 10, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: The recipe for the Enchanted Broom is much cheaper, requiring a diamond instead of a nether star and needing only half the previous power.
  • NEW: Trapped Plants have been added; these plants resemble normal flowers (or shrubs) but when walked over can cause the effects of a Brew of Webs, Brew of Ink, Brew of Sprouting or Brew of Thorns.
  • NEW: Leaping Lilies have been added; these plants resemble water lilies but can placed almost anywhere, when stood on they will grant a very short-duration, large jump boost (and a small speed boost too).
  • NEW: Rite of Fertility; this rite will cause all the land in a wide area to receive a dose of bonemeal, zombie villagers to be restored to normal and players with negative potion effects to be cured.
  • NEW: Curse of Blight; this rite will cause all land in a wide area to become blighted, killing plants, converting the ground to sand and killing or infecting animals and villagers. Players in the area will also become sick. Voodoo protection will stop this rite.
  • NEW: Curse of Blindness; this rite will cause all creatures and players in a wide area to become blinded. Voodoo protection will stop this rite.
  • NEW: Curse of Hell on Earth; this rite will summon a stream of hellish creatures.
  • NEW: Fire, Water and Hunger Protection Poppets will now add an appropriate 2 second resistance buff when they activate.
  • NEW: Brews can now be launched from dispensers like other splash potions.
  • NEW: New distillation recipe for Ender Pearls to produce Ender Dew.
  • NEW: The Rite of Binding for a waystone now uses Ender Dew instead of an Ender Pearl and glowstone dust instead of a golden axe, making the process much cheaper.
  • NEW: There is a new variant of the Rite of Binding for a waystone that takes an already bound waystone and copies it to a blank waystone, allowing creation of more read-to-go waystones without needing to be at the precise location.
  • NEW: The Spectral Familiar has a more 'spectral' color.
  • NEW: More ingredients have been added to the Demon bargaining screen.
  • NEW: Arthana is now able to silk harvest cobweb (hold shift to break web to string as normal).
  • NEW: Web is now renamed to Dense Web and is crafted using a cobweb and four string. This resolves a conflict with the mo' creatures rope recipe.
  • NEW: Demon now has wings (although it does not fly).
  • FIX: Changed the Entity IDs for Demon, Mandrake and Familiar. The new IDs should not in any way conflict with other mods now. IMPORTANT: This change may cause existing instances of the mobs (and brooms!) to disappear (or worse), so please try to remove these three mobs and broom entities from your world before upgrading and, VERY IMPORTANT: ensure your broom is in your inventory not in the world (if you are riding a broom, expect a long drop!). I have tested the upgrade and it all works (the entities get removed), but the caution is there none-the-less.
  • FIX: Vampiric Poppets were not working if the player was in a different dimension to the bound creature or player.
  • FIX: Vampiric Poppets bound to a creature that died would still redirect damage to that creature.
  • FIX: The title of the Demon Bargaining screen was not being localized when using a server.
  • FIX: Changes the default item ID range to 10620-10631 (from 8860-8871) to avoid conflicts with mo' creatures. Please note, this will not change existing saves unless the witchery.cfg file is first deleted.



Released on October 6, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: The Necromantic Stone can now be used to order raised undead to move to a nearby location by right-clicking on the top of the block.
  • NEW: A Spectral Familiar can now be summoned using the Rite of Summoning. The Familiar is quite tough, but does no real damage. If given a valuable item, it will attempt to locate more in ore below the earth.
  • NEW: Rite of Necromancy now requires Spectral Dust.
  • NEW: Spectral Dust is a new drop from Familiars and a very rare drop from undead killed with an Arthana.
  • NEW: Harvesting Mandrake Root from a fully grown Mandrake Plant may spawn a Mandrake which will cause pain to the ears of those around; the chance of one spawning is higher during daytime.
  • NEW: Built against Minecraft Forge build 916.
  • FIX: The Rite of Summoning will now fail if there is not enough space above the heart glyph to summon the mob.
  • FIX: Using chalk will no longer damage all items in the chalk stack, rather the stack will be split and a single item damaged.
  • FIX: A Brew of Raising will only raise mobs if there is enough vertical space to summon them.
  • FIX: A Brew of Raising will only break certain natural block types (like dirt, sand, stone, etc.) when undead are raised, in other cases the undead will be summoned on the block.



Released on October 1, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Enchanted Broom has received a speed boost.
  • NEW: A Kettle must be filled using a water bottle (no longer a water bucket).
  • NEW: The Kettle recipe has been changed a bit, to be based on a cauldron.
  • NEW: Significantly decreased the flammability of all Hawthorn Wood blocks (logs, stairs, slabs, etc.).
  • NEW: Kettle now shows different particle effects and liquid colors depending on the recipe state:
    • No ingredients: Blue water.
    • Partial ingredients: Dark version of brew color with black swirl particles.
    • All ingredients (no power): Brew color with green splutter particles and black swirl particles.
    • All ingredients (powered): Brew color, green splutter and white swirl particles.
    • Ruined: Yukky brown with smoke particles.
  • NEW: Charged Attuned Stones used in a ritual will now be refunded as normal attuned stones when the ritual has entered its activation phase. Consuming a diamond for each non-altar ritual was too expensive.
  • NEW: Slightly increased the power consumption of the Distillery.
  • NEW: Altar max power will now recompute more regularly.
  • FIX: Current Kettle recipe will be ruined as soon as an incorrect combination of ingredients is added.
  • FIX: Breaking a Kettle containing a ruined potion will not recover ingredients.
  • FIX: Kettle now correctly generates particles when too many ingredients are added to it.
  • FIX: Replaced the water bottle result of distilling Foul Fume or Breath of the Goddess with a slimeball, because the single item per slot water bottle was preventing multiple distillations in a row.
  • FIX: Opening an Alder Wood Door by clicking on the top half was not correctly informing redstone below the door of a change in status.
  • FIX: Hawthorn and Alder Saplings were changing to Rowan Saplings if planted and removed after some time has passed (although before they grew naturally).
  • FIX: Multi-block Altars were being registered as power sources multiple times and forwarding to the core block (not the best design idea!), this was occasionally leaving zombie registrations leading to the closest power source sometimes being a phantom with no power.
  • FIX: Saving and reloading a single player game was not clearing registered power sources, leading to harmless duplicates (a leak none-the-less).
  • FIX: Placing a block on an unfinished altar (say another altar block) no longer requires shift-clicking to place it. Only a completed altar must be shift-clicked to place a block (e.g. a chalice or candelabra).
  • FIX: Altars were ignoring nature items in a positive X direction.
  • FIX: Added a few more notes to the book, Witchcraft: Circle Magic.



Released on September 28, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Added the Brew of Raising to allow undead to be raised from the earth.
  • NEW: Added the Necromantic Stone to allow raised undead to be ordered to attack.
  • FIX: Increased the default chance of a Witches Oven producing by-products to 33%. Config files will need to be updated on existing installations.


Released on September 27, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • NEW: Added Spanish Moss, vine-like plant that you cannot climb. Created with Mutandis and used to make poppets. Replaces leather in the base poppet recipe.
  • FIX: Circle Talisman is unable to store large circles when running on a server.
  • FIX: Witchcraft: Circle Magic book now is a double page format showing the ingredients on one page and the circles (with text sizes) on the other.
  • FIX: Added Witchery plants (Trees, Mandrake, etc.) to Altar max power algorithm.
  • FIX: Increased power costs for infusion rites.


Released on September 25, 2013 for Minecraft 1.6.4.

  • First public beta release.