Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes

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Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes


The Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes is a book from the Witchery mod. This book serves as in-game documentation, and explains how to use a Brazier to summon creatures, and how to bind them to Fetishes.



Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes

A witch may use a Brazier to burn materials with magical purpose, and conjure that which is no longer of this world.

Place the ingredients into the brazier and ignite with a flint and tinder.

Summon Spectre

Pull a dead being back into this world from beyond.

Summon Banshee

Pull a screaming being back into this world from beyond.

Graveyard Mist

Call forth a thick mist that lingers for some minutes.

Anguish of the Dead

Inflict the pain of the dead when striking creatures near to the brazier.

Fortification of the Corpse

Let the dead feel your pain while standing near the brazier.

  • Tear of the Goddess
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Blaze Powder

Deathly Veil

Vanish from sight while standing near to the brazier.

  • Ender Pearl
  • Spider Eye
  • Blaze Rod

Drain Growth

Suck the life from crops to heal nearby undead.

Fetish Binding

A witch may use the Rite of Binding to bind spectral creatures to a fetish to create permanent effects.

The following pages (sections) show which beings must be bound for which effect.

Voodoo Protection

The properties of a carried Voodoo Protection Poppet become stronger.

Beings required:


Launches a spectral assault on unwanted beings.

Beings required:

  • Spirit: 3
  • Spectre: 3


Screams when specific beings are near by.

Beings required:

  • Spirit: 3
  • Banshee: 2


Confuses approaching beings.

Beings required:

  • Spirit: 3
  • Poltergeist: 2

Ghost Walking

Sustains manifested creatures from the Spirit World.

Beings required:

  • Spirit: 3
  • Spectre: 1
  • Banshee: 1