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Witchcraft: Collecting Fumes


The Witchcraft: Collecting Fumes is a book from the Witchery mod. This book serves as in-game documentation, and explains how to get fumes from Witchery.



Witchcraft: Collecting Fumes

The Witches Oven gives a practitioner of the art, the opportunity to collect the fumes that may be produced when cooking.

Remember than t he oven cannot smelt ore, but it does cook a little faster than a furnace.

Place Clay Jars into the oven when cooking to collect the fumes:

Food = Foul Fume

Wood = Foul Fume

Cooking Saplings produces Wood Ash and may also release the gaseous essence of the tree.

Sapling Fumes

Sapling Fume
Oak Exhale of the Horned One
Birch Breath of the Goddess
Spruce Hint of Rebirth
Rowan Whiff of Magic
Hawthorn Odour of Purity
Alder Reek of Misfortune