Witch Hunter Armor

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Witch Hunter Armor


The Witch Hunter Armor is an armor set from the Witchery mod. Its pieces can be repaired with Leather in an Anvil, and may be dyed like leather armor. If a full set of Witch Hunter Armor is worn, they will provide the following set of effects.

With the full set worn, the wearer will be 25% immune to general magic damage and the effects of the Voodoo Poppet, 90% immune to the Curse of Waking Nightmare, Curse of Misfortune, and Rite of Transposition, and the wearer will be completely immune to the effects of the Vampiric Poppet. The wearer will not be able to use any protection poppets. They will also not be affected by teleports caused by a Forge EnderTeleport event. The effects of the Nullifying Bolt will only be available to a shooter wearing a full set of Witch Hunter armor.


Defense points and durability

Piece Durability Armor Points

165 1

240 3

225 2

195 1