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Wireless Sniffer

ModWireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition
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The Wireless Sniffer is a tool that visually shows all possible redstone frequencies (1 to 5000) as small dim red blocks. Redstone signals that are 'On' are shown as bright red blocks. If a frequency has been phase shifted (a color has been applied to that frequency), then that frequency will have that associated color surrounding that frequency block.

A more advanced version of the Wireless Sniffer is the Private Sniffer.


The Wireless Sniffer is crafted with two receiver dishes, one wireless transceiver, two redstone, one button, and three stone blocks.


Notice that frequencies 1 and 2 are off (dim red block), while frequency 10 is on (bright red block). All frequencies have been phase shifted (colored) for easier identification.

Simply right-click with the Sniffer in hand to bring up the visualization of all the redstone signals.

Colour Code

  • Dim Red: Channel is off
  • Bright Red: Channel is on
  • Coloured Border: Channel has been coloured using Lumar.