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Wireless Remote

ModWireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition

The Wireless Remote is an item that allows remote control of wireless redstone signals. The redstone signal is only on as long as the player is holding right-click on the mouse, then turns off once the button is released. An example usage of this is for opening doors as open approaches, without the need to hit a button or step on a plate.


The Wireless Remote is crafted with one Wireless Transceiver and one Button.


For more information about wireless redstone and frequencies, see Wireless redstone mechanics.


Frequency GUI, simple.png
Frequency GUI, advanced.png
The simple GUI with basic functions. (Ignore the fact it says "Wireless Transmitter." All frequency GUIs are the same.) The advanced GUI that allows naming of frequencies with a list. Frequencies can also be visually colored (phase shifted) using colored Lumar present in the player's inventory.

Shift-right click with the Wireless Remote in hand to bring up the GUI. The Simple GUI allows you to simply set a freqeuncy number from 1 to 5000.

Similar to other wireless items, the Advanced GUI allows you to apply a custom name to that frequency for easier labeling. These numbers are then stored in the bottom list and double-clicking the names will instantly change the Receiver's frequency. The Advanced GUI also allows you to set a Phase Shift spectrum color using Lumar. This color is purely for aesthetic and identification purposes, as the remote will turn into the color of the selected frequency. Setting a phase color adds no technical properties to the item or signal.

Remote control

Once the frequency has been programmed into the remote, simply right-click to briefly turn 'On' the wireless signal. Holding right-click will keep the signal On until you let go to turn it Off. As a bonus, the Wireless Remote can change the frequency of a Wireless Transmitter or Wireless Receiver to that of the Remote. Simply right-click on the transmitter or the receiver with the remote in hand.