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This page is about the Wireless Receiver added by WR-CBE. For other uses, see Wireless Receiver.
Wireless Receiver

ModWireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition
TypeSolid block

The Wireless Receiver is an item block added by WR-CBE. It wirelessly receives a redstone signal from Wireless Transmitters (the red line). The direction the receiver is facing can be manipulated with a Screwdriver. Wireless redstone signals are stored in the Redstone Ether (REther) dimension, a non-physical dimension purely for redstone signals.



Main article: Wireless redstone mechanics


Frequency GUI, simple.png
Frequency GUI, advanced.png
The simple GUI with basic functions. (Ignore the fact it says "Wireless Transmitter." All frequency GUIs are the same.) The advanced GUI that allows naming of frequencies with a list. Frequencies can also be visually colored (phase shifted) using colored Lumar present in the player's inventory.

Right-clicking on the Receiver brings up the simple GUI, which allows the player to set a frequency number from 1 to 5000. The frequency number is also visually shown on the item block itself.

The Advanced GUI allows the player to apply a custom name to that frequency for easier labeling. These numbers are then stored in the bottom list and double-clicking the names will instantly change the Receiver's frequency. The Advanced GUI also allows the player to set a Phase Shift spectrum color using Lumar. This color is purely for aesthetic and identification purposes on the Wireless Map, Wireless Remote, and Triangulator. Setting a phase color adds no technical properties to the item or signal.


The Wireless Receiver only needs a Redstone signal sent from a Wireless Transmitter to function.