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Wire Connector
IE Wire Connectors.gif

ModImmersive Engineering
EU traversing64 EU/t
256 EU/t
1024 EU/t
RF storage512 RF
2048 RF
8192 RF
RF traversing256 RF/t
1024 RF/t
4096 RF/t

LV, MV and HV Wire Connectors are blocks added by Immersive Engineering. They connect machines, generators and capacitors to wires so they can send and receive energy, in the form of Immersive Flux (IF) or Redstone Flux (RF).

Wire Connectors attach directly to machines, usually to a visible power plug. Using a Wire Coil on a Connector links the first end of the cable. Using the Coil on another Connector or on a Wire Relay completes the connection. Note than Connectors can only support one wire at a time. This limitation was introduced in version 0.8; prior to that, LV and MV Wire Connectors could also act as relays.

Using Engineer's Wire Cutters on a Connector disconnects its attached wire.

Prior to version 0.8, IndustrialCraft 2's Energy Units (EU) could be converted to RF through Wire Connectors and vice-versa, at a rate of 4 RF to 1 EU. Attaching a Connector to an appropriate side of an EU-accepting or outputting block allowed the block to work seamlessly.

Wire Connectors have internal storage buffers. The Engineer's Voltmeter reads the sizes of LV, MV and HV Wire Connectors as 256, 1024 and 4096 RF, respectively; as a technical note, however, Connectors have both energy-sending and energy-receiving buffers, and only the "send" buffer is readable by the Engineer's Voltmeter.[1]


Ore dictionary note

Metal ingots from different mods are interchangeable when crafting.

  1. From GitHub issue #4870, malte0811 said "Connectors now (since 1.14) have 2 buffers, one for sending (from a machine to the net) and one for receiving (from the net to a machine), 1024 IF each in this case. The receiving buffer is not visible to the outside ... apparently the energy transfer code is capable of transferring energy from a connector to itself. So both the send- and receive-buffers are being filled, with 1024 IF each."