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Wire Coil
IE Wire Examples.png

ModImmersive Engineering
RF traversing2048 RF/t
8192 RF/t
32,768 RF/t

LV, MV and HV Wire Coils are a form of energy-transfer equipment added by Immersive Engineering, used as part of the mod's "energy-net". They attach Wire Connectors and Wire Relays to each other. They can transfer energy in the form of Immersive Flux (IF), but they are also compatible with Redstone Flux (RF).

Powered Wire Coils cause damage to mobs that walk into them. LV and MV Wire Coils can be crafted into Insulated Wire Coils. Their ratings are no different, but they're entirely safe to work around. HV Wire Coils cannot be insulated.

Before the 0.6 update LV, MV and HV Wire Coils were known the as Copper, Electrum and High-Voltage Wire Coils, respectively.


Use a Wire Coil on two Wire Connectors or Wire Relays to connect them together. The connectors or relays have to match in voltage. Some equipment, like the Transformer, HV Transformer, Current Transformer and Powered Lantern, can accept wire directly without needing a connector.

Length Rated for
LV Wire Coil 16 blocks 2048 Flux/t
MV Wire Coil 16 blocks 8192 Flux/t
HV Wire Coil 32 blocks 32,768 Flux/t

A wire melts if load exceeds its maximum rating. This doesn't cause any damage to things.

Energy loss

With the default configuration, longer wires lose more energy. Use higher voltages to suffer less energy loss over distance. This loss is linear—Energy for LV wiring drops 5% by 16 blocks, 10% by 32 blocks, 15% by 48, and so on.

Energy loss
LV wire 5% / 16 blocks
MV wire 2.5% / 16 blocks
HV wire 2.5% / 32 blocks

Additionally there is a penalty applied for not fully using the full capacity of connectors—The above loss is increased by a factor that is 10% per 25% of the cable capacity that is unused.

In the case of transmitting 512 Flux/t through a 128-block-long LV wire, its distance-related power loss would be 40% (128 blocks × 5% loss / 16 blocks), and using only ¼ of its max power increases the loss by 30%. The overall loss is 52% (40% loss × 130%), and only 246 Flux/t is received by the other end.

Since Immersive Engineering v0.6, LV wires are capable of carrying a total of 2048 Flux/t. However, LV Connectors are only capable of inputting and outputting 256 Flux/t each. Multiple LV connectors can be used to make the LV wire carry more energy. A total of 8 LV connectors, each transmitting 256 Flux/t, can unify into a single LV wire for the transportation of 2048 RF/t. This would suffer zero power-related loss. Any more connectors, and the unified wire would melt.


Ore dictionary note

Sticks, metal wires and metal ingots added by different mods are interchangeable when crafting.