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This page is about the Wind Turbine added by RotaryCraft. For other uses, see Wind Turbine.
Wind Turbine


The Wind Turbine is an inexpensive but low-power RotaryCraft generator.



To operate, the Wind Turbine must be placed in open air, fairly high in the sky. Multiple Wind Turbines can be placed near each other, so long as they do not block each others' front sides or blades. Under optimal circumstances, they will produce 4Nm Torque at 1024 Rad/sec, for a total of 4.096kW Power.

The Wind Turbine's blades extend in front of it, occupying a 3x3x1 area. If any other blocks are within this area, the Turbine will not function, and entities within this area will take one heart of damage every 10 ticks, akin to that of touching a Cactus. Additionally, two Wind Turbines cannot be placed adjacent to one another, however they can be placed diagonally.

The rotational speed of a Wind Turbine is directly proportional to their altitude above ground level. The RotaryCraft Handbook claims that their maximum speed is achieved at an altitude of 128m, and in a normal world this is correct. When placed at Y=64, the Turbine will rotate at 16 Rad/sec, increasing 16 Rad/sec for each block of altitude above that point, reaching 1024 Rad/sec at an altitude of Y=128. In a default Superflat world however, this is slightly different: for each block above ground, rotational speed increases by 64 Rad/sec, reaching maximum speed 16 blocks above ground.