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Wildwood Log

TypeSolid block
Technical details
Ore dictionary namelogWood

The Wildwood Log is a block added by Roots. It can be used to create various decorative blocks.


The Wildwood Log is created in a special Ritual. It requires a Vine, Glowstone Dust and a Verdant Sprig to be placed on the Casting Altar and an Oak Bark (Roots), a Dark Oak Bark, a Jungle Bark and a Acacia Bark to be burned in the Incense Brazier. The Ritual requires Mundane Standing Stones to be placed around it.

When performed, all log blocks with a radius of 3 blocks of the Casting Altar will transformed into Wildwood Logs.

Runic Tablet entry

Using several living materials, and the energy channeled through the altar, you have created a ritual that will transform all log blocks within about 3 blocks of the altar into a new form that you have called "Wildwood". You can transform this wood into various decorative blocks, such as planks like any other log.
Runic Tablet


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