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Current developersejhopkins
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4
Mod loaderForge
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Grass and flowers generated by the Wild Grass Mod

Note that some functionality similar to this mod was added to the game in the 1.6 patch

This mod, Wild Grass by ejhopkins, creates a tall grass block that grows on top of existing grass blocks. Once a tall grass block has grown, it will start spreading to nearby blocks, growing taller as it does. This really softens up the harsh edges of grassy hills and even though it is a simple mod, it really enhances the feel of the game a lot. It gives it an almost low graphic "Oblivion" type of environment feel.

When the game is first loaded, grass will pop up very frequently. This should only last a few minutes.


  • Non-Invasive: will not destroy save files after unloading.
  • This mod, and all updates, are designed to not have any new blocks, in order to keep your saves safe.
  • Growing Grass: grass will spread and grow taller
  • Biome Compatible: Grass is color adjusted for biomes
  • Hoes can harvest grass, making it shorter until it is soil. Happy Mowing.
  • Flowers become lily pads when placed in water! They also spawn near reeds.
  • Flowers have custom graphics for specific biome.
  • Flowers have custom graphics when planted in sand.
  • Vines grow in trees in hot and humid areas. Vines produce and can be planted with reeds.

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