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Well of Suffering
ModBlood Magic

The Well of Suffering is a ritual added by Blood Magic which damages nearby entities to fill a blood altar.

The Well affects an area within 10 blocks horizontally and 10 blocks vertically (for a 21x21x21 volume) of the Master Ritual Stone. Each 25 ticks, it deals 1 (Half Heart.svg) point of damage to every non-player entity in that area, consuming 2 Life Essence (LP) from the owner's soul network per point dealt and generating 25 LP per damage dealt[1], deposited in a nearby Blood Altar. The altar must be within 10 blocks vertically and 5 blocks horizontally of the Master Ritual Stone. The generated LP is affected by Runes of Sacrifice around that altar, which increases the amount of LP gained by 10% per rune.

If the altar is full or no altar is present, the ritual does nothing. If there are multiple altars in range, only one of them will be filled, determined when the ritual is started and preferring altars below the Master Ritual Stone to altars above it.


Building the Well of Suffering requires one Master Ritual Stone and 36 Ritual Stones. The ritual occupies a 9x3x9 space, centered on the master ritual stone. The second tier Ritual Diviner [Dusk] is required to form this ritual. The activation of this ritual costs 50,000 LP, using the Weak Activation Crystal or higher tier crystals.

Ritual Tinkerer information

Attacks mobs within its damage zone and puts the LP into a nearby blood altar.
Ritual Tinkerer


  1. Configurable with the "entitySacrificeLP:HPValues" section of BloodMagic.cfg