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The Weather symbols from Mystcraft control the appearance of rain, snow, storm, or overcast conditions. None of these take modifiers, and each Age description needs only one of the choices.

The first group produces weather cycles similar to the overworld, but varied in speed:

  • Normal Weather: Similar to the overworld, though the exact cycle is different—that is, it will not neccessarily be raining in the Age when it is in the Overworld, or vice versa. The choice of weather conditions will vary with the biome.
  • Fast Weather: Like Normal weather, but changes are faster: Periods of rain, storm, etc. will be shorter, as will periods of clear weather.
  • Slow Weather: Like Normal weather, but slower, with longer periods of rain (etc.) etc., or of clear weather.

The other symbols produce a constant weather condition for the age:

  • No weather: Eternally clear weather.
  • Eternal Weather: Continuous rain, snow, or overcast according to the biome.
  • Eternal Storm: Continuous storm. This is a rainstorm regardless of biome.
  • Eternal Rain,
  • Eternal Snow,
  • Overcast: Produces the given weather regardless of biome. This may confuse some mods' idea of what biome an area is in.