Weak Activation Crystal

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Weak Activation Crystal

ModBlood Magic
Tooltip textActivates low-level rituals

The Weak Activation Crystal is a tool added by Blood Magic. When used on either an Imperfect Ritual Stone or a Master Ritual Stone with the correct ritual constructed, the activation crystal will consume some Life Essence and activate the ritual. The amount of Life Essence consumed is determined by which ritual is activated.

Grand Rituals such as the Mark of the Falling Tower cannot be activated by a Weak Activation Crystal and will require an Awakened Activation Crystal for activation.


To create a Weak Activation Crystal, place a Lava Crystal into a tier 3 Blood Altar with 10,000 LP.


To use a Weak Activation Crystal, right click on either an Imperfect Ritual Stone or a Master Ritual Stone. After right clicking, red particles should begin to come from the ritual stone if the owner's network contains enough Life Essence, indicating it has been activated. Right clicking a Weak Ritual again will cause it to reactivate, while right clicking another type of ritual will cause it to stop functioning.