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Water Guardian
ModArs Magica 2
TypeHostile monster

The Water Guardian is a boss mob added by Ars Magica 2. It appears as a levitating purple jellyfish with several blue pillars levitating around it, similar to a Blaze.

The Arcane Compendium recommends that the player should be at a Magic Level of at least 10, but unlocks the page at Magic Level 15. AM2 bosses cannot be cloned via MineFactory Reloaded's Auto-Spawner or captured via Safari Net.


The Water Guardian can be summoned by creating a Redstone Inlay circle in any biome that is predominately water. Then, while raining, throw a Water Bucket and a Boat into the circle.


The Water Guardian is vulnerable to Lightning Damage and takes double damage. It attacks by shooting projectiles that inflict Watery Grave onto the player. It also splits into several Water Guardians, all but one of which are fake. Attacking the fakes inflicts damage on the player.