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This information pertains to an older version of the mod.

Warp Itemduct

ModThermal Dynamics
Previous tier
RF storage4000 RF

The Warp Itemduct is a block from Thermal Dynamics used to transport items. It is an upgrade to the Itemduct. Items can be pushed into it by machines or pulled into it by a Servo. Items that enter it will attempt to take the shortest path to the nearest valid inventory they can enter. If a Warp Itemduct network has power, items travelling through it will be instantly teleported to their destinations at the cost of 50 RF per item. Warp Itemducts can transfer energy between each other, but not to other blocks. If a Warp Itemduct does not have enough energy, it will function as a regular Itemduct.

There are two types of Warp Itemducts: normal and Opaque. Opaque Warp Itemducts are cheaper and do not render items that pass through them; non-Opaque Warp Itemducts render items that pass through them. This can cause more graphical lag, but can also be more aesthetically pleasing or satisfying to watch.

If a Warp Itemduct system is unpowered, it will look like a conventional Itemduct system. However, if a transparent Warp Itemduct system is powered, its internal texture will change to a field of stars. This star field will flash briefly whenever an item stack warps through.


Warp Itemducts can be crafted in sets of 2 or 6.

Opaque and transparent Warp Itemducts can be converted into each other.