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This page is about the Essentia Smeltery added by Thaumcraft 6. For other uses, see Warded Jar.
Warded Jar

ModThaumcraft 6
TypeSolid block

The Warded Jar is the first available essentia storage in Thaumcraft 6. It stores up to 250 units of any one type of essentia. It can also be labeled to restrict the jar to a specific kind of essentia even when empty.


Thaumonomicon entry

Essentia can be stored in Warded Jars.

Warded jars can be placed in the world and is able to store essentia virtually indefinitely. The enchantment placed on the jars also makes adding or extracting essentia a breeze.

Jars can be filled from an alembic by clicking with the jar directly on the alembic. they can also be filled and emptied using phials.


Shift clicking on jars and alembics with an empty hand will empty them.