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This page is about Thaumcraft 5 Wands. For other uses, see Wands.
This page is about Thaumcraft 5 Staves. For other uses, see Staves.
This page is about Thaumcraft 5 Scepters. For other uses, see Scepters.
ModThaumcraft 5

Wands are a group of items added by Thaumcraft 5. They are created with one rod and two matching wand caps. Wands can channel Vis, and draw Vis from the Aura.

Thaumcraft 5 also adds Staves, which, as according to the Thaumonomicon, are "basically just bigger wands". Staves are created with one staff core instead of a rod. They cannot be used an Arcane Workbench. Staves have an attack damage value as well.

Thaumcraft 5 adds one more form of Wand, Scepters. Like Staves, they have greater Capacity, but unlike them, they cannot be used in the world; they can only be used in an Arcane Workbench or similar utilities. They also have a 10% discount.

Wand Caps

Cap Cost Extra Charge Notes Required Addon/Mod

Iron Cap

Gold Cap

Brass Cap
100% +1

Charged Thaumium Cap

Charged Void Metal Cap
100% +3

Wand Rods

Rod Capacity Vis Affinity Notes Required Addon/Mod


Greatwood Rod

Silverwood Rod

Obsidian Rod
375 Terra

Blazing Rod
375 Ignis

Icy Rod
375 Aqua

Quartz Rod
375 Ordo

Bone Rod
375 Entropy

Reed Rod
375 Aer

Greatwood Staff Core

Silverwood Staff Core

Obsidian Staff Core
500 Terra

Blazing Staff Core
500 Ignis

Icy Staff Core
500 Aqua

Quartz Staff Core
500 Ordo

Bone Staff Core
500 Entropy

Reed Staff Core
500 Aer

Staff Core of the Primal


The Vis costs varies from wand to wand.

Thaumonomicon entry

The casting wand is your most basic, but also your most important tool. It is what you use to craft objects, activate blocks like the crucible, and countless other tasks.
The most basic wand stores a very limited amount of magical energy (called vis) that it uses to perform its tasks. To replenish the energy in a wand you must simply hold it in your hand and it will draw vis from the aura.
While holding a wand you will see a indicator on the top left of the screen that shows how much vis is stored within the wand.
Holding shift will display exact numbers held by the wand and any possible discounts you have to performing magical tasks.
Wands are always constructed by the combination of a rod and two end-caps. As you progress with your studies, you are sure you will discover different materials that you can use to craft rods and caps to make powerful wands. Only the basic wand can be put together in a normal crafting table. All other wands require the Arcane Workbench and will cost vis to construct.
The basic wand is constructed from mundane wood and iron, both of which make poor materials for working magic.
Wands are the stock and trade of the thaumaturge, but sometimes you want more bang for your buck. Magical staves are basically just bigger wands.
Crafting scepters are specialized wands made to be used to craft mystical objects and nothing else. Foci cannot be attached to them, but they have several features that still make them worthwhile using.
Firstly, they have an additional 10% vis discount above and beyond what their caps would normally grant.
Secondly they are able to hold 50% more vis than their cores would normally allow.
Like other wands they can be crafted using most combinations of rods and caps - just a few examples are given on the next page.