Wands, Staves, and Scepters (Thaumcraft 4)

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One of the core features of Thaumcraft 4 is the use of Wands in crafting and spellcasting. There is a wide variety of different wand types, but there are patterns to their construction, usage, and capabilities.


Wands are crafted from a Wand Core and two Wand Caps. Wands more advanced than the Iron Capped Wooden Wand are crafted in an Arcane Worktable.

Wands have two properties that determine their capabilities: capacity and cost. The vis capacity of a wand is the number of points of aspects the Wand can hold. Wands can be charged by draining vis from Aura Nodes or by picking up Aspect Orbs dropped by killed mobs, Unstable Nodes, or Primal Charms. The vis cost is a percent multiplier on all vis usage from the wand. This can range between 20% and 110%, and can be additionally reduced by Thaumaturge's Robes or similar armor (10% minimum), or increased by Flux Flu and Flux Phage. The capacity of a wand is determined by its core, while the cost is determined by its caps.

There are two specialized Wand variants: Staves and Scepters.

Staves and Scepters

Staves and Scepters are more expensive than conventional wands, but in exchange have higher vis capacities. However, their individual uses are more limited. Staves cannot be used in the Arcane Worktable for crafting, while Scepters cannot be used with Wand Foci for active spellcasting. Staves have (usually) 2.5x the vis capacity of Wands, while Scepters have 1.5x capacity and -10% vis costs.

Staves are crafted from a Staff Core and two Wand Caps. Staff Cores are crafted from two Wand Cores and a Primal Charm. Scepters are crafted from a Wand Core, three Wand Caps, and one Primal Charm. Staves and Scepters are crafted in the Arcane Worktable. Additionally, each Staff Core require additional minor research to unlock, while Scepters are all unlocked with a single research.

Cores and Caps

Wand Cores

The capacity of a Wand or Staff is determined by the material of its Core. Certain materials can only be used for Staves. Note: Certain cores have an aspect affinity to them. Cores that have an affinity will passively regenerate that aspect, up to 10% of that aspect's capacity.

Some Thaumcraft add-on mods add additional Wand Cores. Their stats are listed here as well.

Core Material Wand Capacity Scepter Capacity Staff Capacity Affinity Add-On Mod

25 None None

50 75 125

100 150 250

50 75 125 Terra

50 75 125 Aqua

50 75 125 Ordo

50 75 125 Aer

50 75 125 Ignis

50 75 125 Perditio

None None 250 All

10 15 25 All Thaumic Exploration

75 112 175 Thaumic Exploration

None None 200 Thaumic Exploration

150 225 none Forbidden Magic

50 75 none Forbidden Magic

150 225 none Forbidden Magic

100 150 50 Forbidden Magic w. Blood Magic

100 150 None Forbidden Magic w. Botania

100 150 250 Forbidden Magic w. Botania

1000 1500 none Thaumic Tinkerer 2

Many cores have special abilities they apply to Wands or Staves they are made of.

  • Primal Staves add 1 level of Potency to any Focus used with them.
  • Amber Wands have very low vis capacity, but passively recharges to full capacity rather than 10%.
  • If a Transmutative Wand contains more than 90% capacity of any aspect, it will attempt to convert that aspect into other aspects at a rate of 1:0.4, split evenly across all aspects being recharged.
  • Necromancer's Staves apply a Wither effect to any enemies struck by melee attacks, and recharge 4 times as fast from aspect orbs but recharge at 75% speed from draining Nodes or other means.
  • Tainted Wands can recharge up to 10% of their stored vis when the player is in a Tainted Lands biome.
  • Infernal Wands recharge up to 30% of their
    , and if in the Nether, recharges 10% of all other Aspects. Additionally, having it or the wand created from it in inventory will result in extinguishing flames instantly and protection from the Wither status effect, and holding it in hand provides the same protection as Fire Resistance Potion.
  • Blood Wands can can recharge their stored vis by draining from their holder's Blood Magic Soul Network (or health bar, down to 3 hearts), at a rate of 1000LP per vis every 100 ticks. Blood Staves have reduced capacity but 4x the LP:vis recharge rate of Blood Wands, but will kill their holders if their Soul Network is empty.
  • Livingwood and Dreamwood Wands can recharge their stored vis by consuming Botania Mana at a rate of 1100 Mana per vis every 40 ticks. If they are fitted with Manasteel or Elementium Caps, that rate is reduced to 900 Mana per vis.

Wand Caps

The vis cost of a Wand or Staff is determined by the material of its Caps. Note: Certain caps have one or more aspect affinities to them. Caps that have affinities will be -10% cheaper when channeling those aspects.

Some Thaumcraft add-on mods add additional Wand caps. Their stats are listed here as well.

Cap Material Cost Affinity Add-On Mod




110% Ordo, Perditio

100% Ignis, Terra, Aer, Aqua


90% Forbidden Magic w. Botania

180% Forbidden Magic w. Botania

80% Forbidden Magic w. Botania

90% Aer Forbidden Magic w. Blood Magic

95% Thaumic Exploration

95% Thaumic Exploration

70% Thaumic Tinkerer 2


Iron Capped Wooden Wand's vis Storage

Right-clicking and holding the cursor upon an Aura Node with a wand in hand will tap primal aspect vis into the Wand's storage until full; compound aspects in the Node will not be touched without the assistance of a Wand Recharge Pedestal outfitted with a Compound Recharge Focus. Attempting this with a wand made out of a wooden core or iron caps will completely drain primal aspects, even if Node Preserver has been researched.

When holding the Wand, a gauge will appear in the top left of the player's window (by default) which shows how much vis the wand currently holds. Holding down the Shift key with the wand will show a rounded number of each vis Aspect that the Wand holds.

The Wand is used:

  • to activate the current Wand Focus attached to the wand.
  • in Arcane Crafting with the use of the Arcane Workbench to imbue crafting recipes with aspects that the Wand has stored.
  • to produce a Thaumonomicon by right-clicking a Bookcase with the wand in hand (this does not require vis).
  • to create a Crucible by right-clicking a Cauldron with the wand in hand. This does not require vis.
  • to empty the contents of a Crucible by right clicking on it with wand in hand. This may cause adverse effects including but not limited to; Flux Goo spillage, Flux Gas release or even the spawning of Tainted Slime.
  • to activate a Mystical Construct such as the Infernal Furnace, the Thaumatorium or the Infusion Altar, the vis required depends on the structure.
  • to activate Infusion Crafting by right clicking the Runic Matrix with wand in hand. This does not require vis activation.