Wand of the Forest (Botania)

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This page is about the Wand of the Forest added by Botania. For other uses, see Wand of the Forest.
Wand of the Forest

Technical details
Registry namebotania:twigwand

The Wand of the Forest is a tool added by Botania. The Lexica Botania describes it as "the general multi-use tool for a botanist." It is used to rotate Mana Spreaders and view their burst paths, check the Mana stored in a Mana Pool, activate or check the progress of a Botanical Brewery or Runic Altar, and bind generating or functional flora to nearby Mana Pools or Spreaders.

If it is placed in a Dispenser, it will be used when a Redstone signal is applied to the Dispenser.


Holding the Wand shows all paths of Mana bursts fired by a spreader and nearby connections of Red Stringed blocks.
Holding the Wand when looking at certain blocks shows additional information:

Right-clicking the Wand on:

Shift right-clicking with the wand on:

If shift right-clicking with the Wand would not have any effect on a targeted block, it will toggle the Wand's mode between Function Mode and Bind Mode.

Bind Mode

  • Shift right-clicking with the Wand on any type of Mana Spreader, generating/functional flower or Luminizer will select the block to bind. The selected block will be highlighted by a glowing outline while the wand is held.
  • Shift right-clicking a block when a selection is present will try to bind the selected block to the clicked one:
    • Generating flowers can only be bound to Mana Spreaders.
    • Functional flowers can only be bound to Mana Pools.
    • Luminizers can only be bound to other Luminizers.
  • Shift right-clicking the selected block will cancel the selection.

Function Mode

Shift right-clicking with the Wand on:

  • Mana Pool: Toggles direction of Mana transfer between the pool and dropped items.
  • Hopperhock: Toggles picking up of all items, only items specified in item frames, only items not specified in item frames.
  • Daffomill: Changes the direction the flower pushes items to.
  • Abstruse, Spectral and Infrangible platforms: Removes the camouflage from all connected platforms.
  • Any type of Spark: Removes an augment if present; otherwise removes the Spark.

Shift right-clicking with the Wand on a Mana Spreader will point it to the opposite direction of where it was clicked.


The texture of the Wand changes depending on the Petals used.