Wand of Excavation

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Wand of Excavation

ModThaumcraft 3
Thaumcraft 3 Information
Wand of Excavation

You have successfully adapted the enchantment on an apprentice wand. You have turned it into a tool capable of moving vast amounts of earth and stone with little effort.

Simply point it at what you want to excavate and the magic does the rest. Tougher materials take longer to mine, and anything other than earth, stone or similar materials will take much longer to mine.




Required aspects

Required research Unified Thaumic Field Theory
Unlocks researchShovel of the Earthmover

The Wand of Excavation is an elemental wand added by Thaumcraft 3. Made out of Earth Shards, it is able to cast a mining beam to break blocks the player is pointing at in a 10 block range.

The wand mines stone- and dirt-based materials faster than golden tools. Other materials are mined as fast as with stone tools.

As an upgrade to the Wand of the Apprentice, this wand cannot draw vis from the aura to recharge. The Charging enchantment allows the wand to slowly repair for the cost of 1 vis from the aura per 5 durability.

The "Unified Thaumic Field Theory" must be researched before the player can unlock the ability to research the Wand of Excavation.