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This page is about Wand Focus: Warding from Thaumcraft 4. For other uses, see Wand Focus: Warding.
Wand Focus: Warding

ModThaumcraft 4

The Wand Focus: Warding is a wand focus added by Thaumcraft 4. It is used to ward blocks and render them indestructible; hitting it will play a special hit animation. The warding renders the block frozen in its "own time," so it will not interact with anything, including redstone circuitry and gravity. Transparent blocks that depend on being placed on blocks will be ejected as an item entity. A ward can be only be dispelled by the player who placed it by right-clicking on the block with a wand using the focus.

Its base cost is 0.1
+ 0.25
+ 0.25


Instability: Negligible

This infusion has an instability of "Moderate."


Main article: Focal Manipulator (Thaumcraft 4)
Rank Enchantment
I Frugal
II Frugal Architect
III Frugal Extend
IV Frugal Extend
V Frugal Extend
  • Frugal: Reduces the vis cost of activating the focus's powers by 10% per level.
  • Extend: Extends the area of effect when right-clicking with the focus.
  • Architect: Allows the user to control the range of blocks affected by pressing the "G" key. Pressing "Shift" and "G" simultaneously will change the dimensions affected. Max range is determined by the number of Extend upgrades.

Thaumonomicon entry

This powerful focus has a very interesting ability. When used on a block it will create an invisible, protective barrier around that block. From that point on the block will not be able to be removed or destroyed until you once again use the wand on it.

The focus can be used on most simple blocks and they will retain many of their normal properties, though while warded those blocks will effectively become frozen in time.

While holding a wand with this focus you will be able to see all blocks that you (and only you) have warded.