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Wand Focus: Dislocation

ModThaumic Tinkerer

The Wand Focus: Dislocation is a wand focus added by Thaumic Tinkerer. It can hold a block or a tile entity and place it somewhere else while retaining its current state. However, transporting tile entities increases the cost 5 times and Mob Spawners 20. It only costs to pick up the block while placing it down is free of charge.






Instability: Negligible

This infusion has the instability level of "Very High".

Thaumonomicon entry

You created a wand focus based on the focus of equal trade. The difference is that this one not only holds the object's fingerprint, but it holds the object itself, allowing it to be placed elsewhere.

To get a block to transport, right click on it. To place it back, right click somewhere else. This focus can transport pretty much anything, including chests and mob spawners.

The vis cost in applied in picking up the block. Placing it down is free.

Due to the amount of energy required for the dislocation, blocks with tile entities (such as chests and furnaces) cost 5x the amount of vis as normally. Mob spawners, in particular, cost 20x instead.
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