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Wand Focus: Activation

ModThaumic Bases
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The Wand Focus: Activation is a wand focus added by Thaumic Bases. It is used to remotely activate blocks. After shift right-clicking a block with it equipped to a wand, right-clicking while wielding the focus will act like a right-click on the block itself. It is limited in range (32 blocks with no Potency upgrades) and will not work if the block is in an unloaded chunk. Its base vis cost is 0.05
+ 0.1


Instability: Negligible

This infusion has an instability of "Negligible."


Main article: Focal Manipulator (Thaumcraft 4)
Rank Enchantment
I Frugal Potency
II Frugal Potency
III Frugal Potency
IV Frugal Potency
V Frugal Potency
  • Frugal: Reduces the focus' vis cost by 10%.
  • Potency: Increases the focus' range by 10 blocks.

Thaumonomicon entry

Well, after your research on the ability of mirrors of transporting items it would be logical to continue onwards - what if mirrors could transport simple force and image? Well, it is not that simple, so you had to make a wand foci out of all that mess you were getting yourself into. This wand foci works really simple - once equipped on the wand a thaumaturge must shift-click on the desired block's location, which will store it to the wand. After that a simple click will act like a right click on the stored location. However, the range is limited to 32 blocks. Some mundane inventories are also too heavy for the transmitted force to interact with, should they bee far from a thaumaturge.

Potency Upgrade

Available at all levels, this upgrade will increase the range of interaction up by 10 blocks. Will not work in unloaded chunks!
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