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Modicon WAWLA
Current developersDarkhax
Version1.16.5: 8.0.2
1.16.4: 7.0.4
1.16.3: 6.0.1
1.16.2: 5.0.1
1.16.1: 4.0.1
1.15.2: 3.0.4
1.14.4: 2.9.1
1.12.2: 2.6.275
1.12.1: 2.5.243
1.12: 2.5.243
1.8.8: 1.4.7
1.8.7: 1.4.7
1.8.6: 1.4.7
1.8.5: 1.4.7
1.8.4: 1.4.7
1.8.3: 1.4.7
1.8.2: 1.4.7
1.8.1: 1.4.7
1.8: 1.4.7
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10-1.16.5
Previously depended onWAILA
Infinity 1.7

WAWLA is a mod created by Darkhax. WAWLA is an acronym, meaning What Are We Looking At. Although it was once an addon for WAILA, the mod has been moving in an independent direction, and as of Minecraft 1.8.9, WAILA is no longer required. The purpose of this mod is to provide useful information to players in the most convenient way. One of the most known features are the enchantment descriptions which are added to the tooltip of enchanted books. Other features include beacons showing their tier and effects, horses showing their jump and speed stats, and armor displaying their protection amount, along with many more things. Every feature in WAWLA can be configured and/or disabled.

Info Feature List[]

  • Breeding cool down of a breedable animal.
  • Growth timer for baby animals.
  • Notifier for when an animal is breedable.
  • Amount of armor points, if above 0.
  • Blast resistance of a block. Off by default.
  • Break progress of the block being mined.
  • Description of enchantments on enchanted books.
  • Amount of enchantment power provided by a block.
  • Name of items in equipment slots. Must shift to reveal.
  • Name of the mod which adds a given fluid.
  • Temperature of held fluid on fluid container items.
  • Hardness of a block. Off by default.
  • Harvestability info similar to that of WAILA Harvestability.
  • Notifier for if a mob can be tamed, and if you have the right taming item.
  • Notifier for if a mob is sitting.
  • Name of the player that owns a pet.
  • Amount of experience in an EXP orb.
  • Burn time of a furnace.
  • Speed and Jump strength of horses.
  • Name of item in Item Frame.
  • Fuse time of TNT.
  • Owner of a player skull.
  • Profession of a Villager.

Mod Support[]

  • 1.7.10
    • Pixelmon - Creatures have their nature, ability, size, happiness and held items shown in the HUD, while Apricorn Trees have their growth rate and type shown.
    • Tinkers Construct - Drying Racks will show their progression in the HUD. Slab Furnaces will also show information about their contents and burn time. A bug fix is also included, which prevents the HUD from identifying Landmines.
    • Thaumcraft - Warded Jars will display their aspects, and how much of that aspect are held. Magic Mirrors and Essentia Mirrors will show the coordinates of their paired mirror. The Deconstruction Table will show the aspect that it contains when a new Research Point is discovered. Arcane Pedestals will show the name of their held item. The Brain in a Jar will show the amount of stored XP. The Wand Recharge Pedestal will show it's item, and the amount of Vis it contains.
  • 1.10.2
    • Dragon Mounts - A message instructing players to click to hatch the egg is added to the HUD. The current stage of the dragon will be shown, along with a timer showing how long it will take for the dragon to reach the next stage, along with a timer for the adult stage.

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