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Maintained byThe VoxelModPack Team
The VoxelModPack is a set of client mods chosen specifically to assist users of multiplayer creative servers like the The Voxel Box. This ModPack can be used any multiplayer server. Click here to visit VoxelWiki for more information and instructions.
Version info
Current stable10.0.1

VoxelModPack is a third-party modpack.

This modpack has since been removed from the third party default list on the launcher to make room for the upcoming 1.7 modpacks.

Mods included

Mod Mod Author
LiteLoader Mumfrey
VoxelEssentials Chrismack, Mumfrey and Verdana
VoxelMenu xIGBClutchIx, Mumfrey and MamiyaOtaru
VoxelFlight The VoxelModPack Team
VoxelWorld xTiming
VoxelPlayer xTiming, MamiyaOtaru and Mumfrey
VoxelTextures Mumfrey
Macro/Keybind Mod Mumfrey
IntegratedSoundpacks Mumfrey
VoxelGET Mumfrey
Rei's Minimap ReiFNSK
VoxelSniper Jimmynator and xIGBClutchIx
WorldEdit CUI - LiteLoader Edition yetanotherx
MCPatcher Kahr