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This page is about the Volcanite Amulet added by Equivalent Exchanger 2. For other uses, see Volcanite Amulet.
Volcante Amulet

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
EMC value422,784 EMC

The Volcanite Amulet is a tool from Equivalent Exchange 2. It can be used to place lava source blocks, set creatures on fire, and walk on lava. It can also create a lava bucket from an empty bucket and a redstone through shapeless crafting. It is used in the creation of the Iron Band and the Infernal Armor.

While the amulet is in the player's hotbar, they will be immune to fire damage, will be able to walk on lava, and all water around the player will evaporate. This evaporation effect is enhanced when the tool is charged, to a maximum of 17x17x17 blocks around the water.



Pressing the R key will fire a projectile that will spawn a lava source block on collision. It will evaporate any water that the projectile passes. If fired at the sky while raining, it will stop the rain.

Hitting creatures with this tool will set them ablaze.

Using the tool with the use key will place a lava source block. If charged, it will create a row or column of lava.