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Void Satchel

ModXeno's Reliquary
Storage1 slot
-flexible stack limit-

The Void Satchel is a tool added by Xeno's Reliquary. It allows the player to continue sucking up items from their inventory as long as it is active. When inactive the player can have it spit items out by right clicking while holding it. A Satchel without upgrades can only hold 64 of a single item. Each upgrade adds the ability for it to hold another 192 or 3 stacks of the item it is keyed to; there is no limit as to how many times a Satchel can be upgraded. It will only hold the type of item that the Sealed Void Tear used during crafting had inside it. The satchel has an enchanted overlay when active.



  • Shift right-clicking while not aiming at a block: Activates the satchel to suck item from you inventory in.
  • Right clicking while aiming at a block: Deactivate the satchel and spits out a stack of the items it holds.
  • Right clicking a chest or inventory: Empties the satchel into the inventory if possible.


  • Each time it is upgraded it can hold 3 more stacks.