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Void Botanic Miner
ModEnvironmental Tech
TypeMultiblock machine

The Void Botanic Miner is a multiblock structure added by Environmental Tech. It can create various plants using energy (FE). It comes in 6 tiers.


When supplied with enough Redstone Flux, the Void Botanic Miner will periodically generate plants of various types, which will be automatically output to inventories adjacent to the Controller. This process can be sped up by placing Speed Modifiers in the appropriate slots in the structure. Specific blocks can be made more likely to appear by using a colored Laser Lens, and this effect can be amplified by using Accuracy Modifiers.

The Void Botanic Miner also requires its Laser Lens to have a straight view to either Bedrock or The Void in order to work. Transparent blocks such as Glass, walls, or fences may be used to provide a safe path under the structure without blocking the beam.

The stats of each tier of Void Botanic Miner are given in the following table. "Minimum time per plant" is the minimum time per plant that this tier of Void Botanic Miner can reach using Speed Modifiers, "Modifiers to reach max speed" is the amount of Speed Modifiers needed to reach it and "RF per plant (max speed)" and "RF/t (max speed)" are the respective values when this amount of Speed Modifiers is used. Note that adding more Speed Modifiers than this value will increase the RF per plant (and thus RF/t) without reducing the speed, thus wasting power.

Controller Tier Time per plant RF per plant RF/t Minimum time per plant RF per plant (max speed) RF/t (max speed) Modifiers to reach max speed
1 400 ticks 64,000 160 400 ticks 64,000 160 0
2 320 ticks 32,000 100 80 ticks 50,352 629 4
3 160 ticks 16,000 100 32 ticks 28,197 881 5
4 80 ticks 8,000 100 16 ticks 14,098 881 5
5 40 ticks 4,000 100 4 ticks 7,895 1,973 6
6 20 ticks 2,000 100 1 tick 4,421 4,421 7


Every time the Void Botanic Miner produces a plant, it is randomly pulled from a table depending on its tier. These tables can be freely configured, including their contents and the weight of each entry (entries with higher weight will be picked more often). By default, this includes a variety of naturally occuring blocks, including all forms of Saplings, Wood Logs, Leaves and several plants such as Lily Pads, Sugar Cane or Poppies.

If the appropriate colored Laser Lens is used, the item will have a bonus to its weight, according to the following formula:


  • bonusWeight is the bonus weight given to each appropriate entry
  • totalWeight is the sum of the weight of all entries (before the bonus is applied)
  • nbEntries is the total number of entries
  • accuracy is the amount of Accuracy Modifiers in the structure


All structures can be built using the Assembler.

Tier 1

The complete structure is 7x4x7 and requires:


Tier 2

The complete structure is 7x5x7 and requires:


Tier 3

The complete structure is 11x6x11 and requires:


Tier 4

The complete structure is 11x7x11 and requires:


Tier 5

The complete structure is 11x8x11 and requires:


Tier 6

The complete structure is 13x8x13 and requires: