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Version 1


Released on October 18, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.

  • Fixed villagers loosing their textures
  • Removed annoying console spam


Released on August 18, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.

  • A villager's nose can now grow back.
  • You can retrieve a villager's nose instantly with a golden apple.
  • Villager crops are now rotateable.
  • Added a config with some tweaks (the new forge in-game config system is also supported)
  • Emerald search now considers the discrepancy of the player Y coord on the client and server.


Released on August 15, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.

  • An equipped nose now jiggles and makes villager sounds when you are near an emerald ore (suggested by Qrrcraft).


Released on August 9, 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.

  • Initial release.